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Can Anyone tell me what is the title to this movie on "Cable" that "Stephen Collins" played in?

Are there any "Stephen Collins" fans who could help me find the title to this movie that I saw on Cable TV?? I remember watching a (you know one of those small movies - Not big screen/pic) movie on (I think it was) "Lifetime". The plot of this movie is that Stephen Collins' plays a character a man who's going thru mid-life crisis & has an affair w/ a young girl (I think College aged or maybe a Senior in High School). The young girl really falls in love w/ him only to find out that he's married. Stephen Collins' character then goes back to his wife (& I think he had kid characters, not to sure) to resume his life. When the young girl finds out about his marriage she goes after him w/ rage or anger b/c she thought that his love for her was real. When his wife questions about this affair he denies this & protects his wife & family from the young girl.

Please let me know. I really liked the Drama to this movie.

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