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Does anyone know much about the WW2 British AEC Armored car?

Wheeled turreted armored cars have always fascinated me and I am interested to learn more about Armored Cars such as the South African Marmon-Herrington , The Australian Rhino, The American mkIII Staghound, T17 Deerhound and T18 Boarhound. Off the topic has anyone heard much about Archer Tank Destroyers and were they effective? did anyone during WW2 ever try mounting a larger weapon than the US M1 57mm (Boarhound) or British QF 6 pounder and QF 75mm (mounted in Crusader or Valentine Tank turrets on AEC and Staghound mkIII Armored Cars). I guess the US 76mm or British shortened 17 Pounder mounted on Comet Tanks would've been too large. As for German armored cars, I know both the SdKfz. 222 and my favorite, the SdKfz 234 Puma mounted the 5cm L/60 cannon used on later Panzer III Tanks. Other Puma models had L24 and L46 7.5cm Guns. Here's a nice pictures link of a Puma mounting a 7.5cm L/46 Gun. This image is from Wikipedia if my link doesn't work as it probably wont.

Look forward to your input, Cheers John.

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    The Archer was issued to anti-tank platoons of the Royal Artillery in lieu of the towed 17-pdr anti-tank gun when available. And at 3,000 kg for the towed gun they were very happy to have it. While offering scant protection for the crew the gun had the accidental but critical advantage of being mounted backwards on the vehicle. The layout was a matter of expediency but proved very useful as the vehicle could back into a hide, fire off a few rounds then drive straight out and off to the next firing position. As always with heavy AT guns the self-propelled model proved far more effective than the cumbersome towed piece and Archer remained in service post-war.

    As for armored cars, remember what they do for a living. These are recon vehicles, designed to scout and report. Put to big a gun on them and you encourage them to fight. While fighting for information does have value you don't want to encourage too much of it. You also don't want to give them so much the scouts think they can take on tanks. In a fight between a scout car and a tank I know which one I'd rather be in.

    The Sdkfz. 222 mounted the 2.0cm KwK 30 or 38 gun. It never had the 5.0cm gun like the much larger Puma had. Only the Sdkfz 234/2 were called Puma by the way. 222's equipped the liechte Zug's of the Panzerspah Kompanien while the 8-rad cars equipped the schwere Zug's. The roles for the two types were somewhat different. The 234 series had in fact been developed, and the /2 model in particular for use in the North African desert where a 8x8 armored car with a reasonable gun could be a very handy thing. The Afrikan campaign over before the vehicle was ready in service the German's preferred the 234/1 model with 2.0cm KwK 38 instead and cut Puma production short. The 234/4 with 7.5cm PAK served the same purpose as the Staghound Mk III or AEC MK III in equipping the support Zug (British Heavy Platoon) of the armored car company as a fire support vehicle to provide cover for the scout cars. Carrying IIRC only 12 rounds of ammunition greaty limited the utility of the 234/4.

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