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Algebra question Need answer within 10 MINUTES!!!!!!! PLEASE ANSWER?

I have a math project due tommrow morning and i need to answer to this question my example problem is y=2x+3 scroll down to page 15 to see what i mean im havign trouble with steps 3 through 5 please help its urgent



thank you all for answering You have no idea how much i appreciate your immediate respond your answers were great

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    For step 3: You start with the Y-axis. Using your y-intercept (for your example problem it would be (0,3)) plot that point in the y-axis.

    Step 4: You use the slope to make points right and left of the y-intercept. Since slope is rise over run, you will go up 2 units and over 1 unit to the right. (if you made your slope a fraction it would be 2/1 -- which still equals 2)

    Step 5:After your make all your points, you connect them. To connect them, you draw a line that goes through all of the points that you drew.

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    3) you want to start on the Y- axis/coordinate. so when you graph you will have the point start at (b) 3 .

    4)then you move (rise/run) the slope (2). so it will be going up 2 and moving over 1 (2x/1). The slope is what helps you move that point

    5) you will have a straight line so connect the first point. referring back to #4 we moved 2 up and 1 over so the new point is at (5,1) (y,x). the last point it will be at were you stopped. so if i would have moved the slope another 4 times then it will be at (11,4) .

    if you need more clarifying let me know.

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    1) y=2x+3

    2)m=2 b=3

    3) make both x and y axis on your paper (x is left and right, y is up and down... make sure they're crossing in the middle) and number them from 1-10 or 2-10 depending on what you want.

    4) put a dot on (0,0) just to make it easier on you.. then go up 2 and over 3 over and over, going down to and to the left if you want to make it a straight line all the way through the graph

    5) after you have all your points, you connect them with a line... duh. the problem is solved, there's nothing else to do.

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    Try checking on http://www.math.com/ They have great resources. Hope I helped.

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