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foreign exchange student + prom? :-)?

(i've asked this before, a few weeks ago i think)

there is this really cute russian foreign exchange student at my school, we sit together at lunch and every night we text about our homework for one of the classes we have together. and we love talking about soccer since we're both really into it. he is so super cute and i really wish he would ask me to senior prom (incidentally, my school decided not to have junior prom this year) [i'm a junior].

are there any hints i can drop to him without being too straightforward about it? it's on april 24, still quite some time away.

in case it could be helpful, another foreign exchange student, a girl from france, sits with us too, and is there anyway i could talk to her about prom and see if the boy joined in?

any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    just bring up the topic!

    be like.."(name), you know how to dance! i love to dance, thats why i want to go to prom SOOOOO bad!"

    that'll at least put in his mind that you want to go, which will start to get him thinking.."oh i should ask her!"

    or, you could always ask him. he IS foreign..and they dont have many formal dances like prom and stuff in other countries. ask him as friends/whatever you want and tell him you want his first american prom to be with you :)


    do not get attached to foreign exchange students. it sounds like you really like him. but he DOES live a whole other russia. i completely fell for a german foreign exchange student my junior year. it was so hard when he left. we were basically dating when he left and i havent seen him in two years. obviously we dont talk or anything anymore, but it really hurt.

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    I'm Russian and let me tell you what....those Russian guys can be kind of oblivious. Tell him straight forward (or I like what the girl from the first comment said) or just ask him! Also, I assume you don't care if you never see him again (after he goes back). If there's someone else you like whom you might actually get into a relationship with, that'd be a lot cooler. Just ask him if he's going to prom! Or, better yet, ask what they do for prom in Russia! ;)

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    you could talk to the girl about how you wish they had a prom this year for Juniors because you love the beautiful dresses and then you could ask your guy friend if they have prom where he is from and if he was planning on going or not then since you are so close you should ask your girl friend if she is planning on going with anyone or if anyone has asked her or who she wants to ask her..then you could casually ask the guy if he was planning on going with anyone and if so with who..then if he is say gee I am so happy for you and hope you have a good time, and if he isn't he should hopefully get the hint to ask you or if he isn't going with anyone and doesn't have anyone to ask in mind just say if you really want to go maybe we could go together if he hesitates a little just say just as friends and hopefully it will progress from there...good luck

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    If you want him to ask you, start dropping hints:

    "Hey, are you going to prom?"

    "I wish I could go but we don't get to have a junior prom this year..."

    "I bet you'll look amazing in a tux..."

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    I think you should just ask him! Guys admire girls who have enough courage to ask them out. The worst that can happen is him saying no. So take a deep breath, and ask him. Good Luck!

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    See girls always wait for the guy to ask. Just asks him. Its simple he likes you. He will def go with you. Just asks

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    Offer him a ******* when you're texting. It may seem embarassing at first, but I guarantee you he says yes. Then he's obligated to take you.

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    why not ask him if he would like to go with you! this is 2010 you know

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    That dude is freaking lucky....

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