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matt asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

how to get a copy of my old miltary drivers license, to prove i drove trucks and hauled fuel in the army?

i am looking at getting my cdl, when i was in the army, 84' to 87', i drove in germany for the us army and was looking for a copy of my military license to see if it would help in any way shape or form. thanks, matt

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    Damond is close but not a cigar. What you did 23 years ago is as irrelevant as showing up at DMV with a truck and tractor. You will have to go to a school and pay. First you need to get a permit by taking the air brake test and I forget the others to do up front and get a DOT health card.learning how to recite the pretrip inspection without failure, perform the air brake test in cab and prove to the school you can back a 30' trailer into a dock area, back up within the lines for 100'. then you take the test by showing the bored DMV person that you can do the pretrip and drive without putting the trailers tires into a bike lane or solid white line in a turn. You also have to parallel park the trailer.

    Take the Haz Mat after the behind the wheel test. That way you don't have to pretend you are carrying a load that needs a placard. Tank endorsement is separate from that.

    CA Class A CDL w/M1 T & H

    The only thing Damond was off on is the time it takes for the background check for Haz Mat. They also have a TWIX card ($135) go into some refineries and Ports to P or D so you don't require an escort. It's the same background check as Haz Mat but the Coast Guard decides which places require them. The refinery in Martinez just above the Concord airport does but Chevron in richmond does least in the freight receiving areas. Any how they send the OK straight to DMV. DMV will not let you test unless they have it come back OK. Costs $89.

    That is the very long version of you are starting from step 1 regardless of the state you are in.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    only by using fact the regulation says which you will get a drivers' license at sixteen, you're nevertheless a minor baby. Your mom and father have the magnificent and the accountability to only be helpful you attain the age of 18. Demonstrating accountability in different aspects would help you build a case for making use of the truck which you will plead along with your mom and father. having the flexibility to take a seat along with your mom and father and gently assert the particular approaches which you're exhibiting which you will be uncomplicated with the truck ought to get your mom to relent and quit the keys. exceptionally else, do no longer lose your temper or have a infantile tantrum. whilst they quit the keys, furnish to run errands or %. up issues on the shop on your mom. likelihood is, she is only seeing in her thoughts's eye your youthful physique under a white sheet on the roadside. you ought to sell her on the reward of having a spare driving force in the relatives and understanding the place the motor vehicle you're making use of got here from and that it is been maintained correct.

  • 1 decade ago

    that won't help... from that long ago, you will need to take the tests again... You also have to get your haz mat edorsement as well. Since 9/11 it's a bit more difficult, you have to get an FBI fingerprint done, which takes a couple months to get back...

    I know this isn't the answer you want... however, if you get the test done, and find a company that will take you on, with the past experience, you will be able to use one of their trucks to do the road test.

  • 1 decade ago

    don't think you can get an old drivers licence. but check your dd214. see what it has on it. should have everything you did, (qualified for).

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  • 1 decade ago

    write to the base you last retired or quit from. that is how you get it.

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