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Why are there so few Blacks and minorities in the GOP?

I've always wondered why there are so few minorities in the GOP. Is it racist to call them idiotic voters for siding with the Democrat Party? I mean Blacks say they vote their conscience, but do they really? As Conservatives, don't we have the right to criticize the intelligence of the Black race for voting Democrat without being called racist ourselves?


Is it racist to say that in general - Republicans vote intelligently but Blacks vote ignorantly? How else do we explain why they won't join the GOP in significant numbers? Is it low IQ or what?

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    Well, just look at all the "conservative" responses to this question and there's your answer. These people responding are still grouping black people and using words like "they" and welfare and acting as though all black people abuse welfare and are somehow interconnected. This in itself is racist and this type of mentality is a large part of those that vote GOP. The GOP comes off as rich white men and poor white men that envy those rich white men. There is acutually a decent percent that believe in core conservative values, but they are drowned out by the loud mouth racist, polarizing representatives of the party. Where do Blacks fit in that equation? Why would blacks want to be in a party of folks that dont view them as individuals, but think that every black man is poor, wanting welfare, crime, etc. I am Black and $20 says I am far more educated and make more money than 9 out of 10 people that responded to this question. Yet, in their responses, I am grouped with the folks that are poor and criminals just because I am black. See there is more to the GOP than cutting taxes and being "conservative." There is a very large portion that is anti anything that is not white, male, christian, heterosexual, conservative. They want things the way they used to be where White guy runs everything and everyone else is a pawn. Problem is education. Kids are going to school and growing up in a multiracial environment and beginning to go against conservative exclusionary values. This all equals, dems being the more accepting of the two parties and thus have the majority black vote. Gays too are largely dems because dems are more accepting. The only thing that can reverese this trend is if conservatives start ripping into other conservatives when broadcasting racist stereotypes like most of the responders to this question. Until then, blacks, gays, indians and all other non-white conservative southern males will be against the GOP. So I guess I would say to the GOP, as the ethnic makeup of the country changes - fix it or die.

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    It has nothing whatsoever to do with intelligence. Minorities vote mainly Democrat because they are pandered to with promises of "free" government aid and programs. As long as there are "freebies", why would anyone who isn't informed that the "free" stuff will cost their posterity, turn it down? However, this attitude isn't limited to Democrats. There are Republicans who sit by and wait for false promises. I have been a life long Republican and voted my first time for Richard Nixon. I have seen the enslavement of minorities by the Democrats to government handouts and heard many many elderly voters along with minorities ask the question, "What is the government going to do for me?". These people learned this attitude from their parents who survived the Great Depression and learned (erroneously) that the government is there to solve every problem we have. They believed Franklin Delano Roosevelt's claim that the government was our big Daddy. It isn't. John Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country." Ronald Reagan said, "Government is not the solution, government is the problem.". Both men were from different parties but both knew that government isn't the answer to our problems. So in the final analysis, it isn't a lack of intelligence that causes minorities to vote Democrat. It's freebies and the desire to get something for nothing even at the risk of being a slave to a hand out government.

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    Keith, you are a leftist through and through.

    The problem with voting for Democrats is that the policies of the Democrats have done more harm to blacks and the black family than anything the KKK ever dreamed of being able to do.

    Liberal policies to increase minimum wages caused large increases in black unemployment.

    Liberal social policies to provide government money to women who had children out of wedlock only served to stimulate out of wedlock pregnancies.

    Liberal policies to be compassionate to criminals only resulted in more dangerous neighborhoods for minorities.

    Liberal support for teacher unions has meant that inner city schools are failing, but the Democrats will oppose any program where the children are offered opportunities outside of the failing schools.

    Liberal policies of double standards in school admissions has meant higher dropout rates for students who were let in with academic and test achievements which were below what other students had to meet.

    The fact is that despite all the good intentions of the Democrats in crafting their policies, the results have actually been more detrimental to the intended beneficiaries than if they had done nothing at all in the first place.

    I won't fall for your troll bait of criticizing black intelligence, because at no time has any Republican I know believed that blacks were any less intelligent than anybody else.

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    Shell: have the colleges gotten THAT damaging interior the u . s . a .? The republican occasion grow to be formed while the Whig occasion broke up, often over slavery, it grow to be the anti-slavery whigs that grew to grow to be the Republicans, Google the Republican, Lincoln. traditionally, interior the South, the Democrat occasion ruled after reconstruction by using fact it grow to be the occasion of segregation. The democrats prepare slavery with counsel from protecting an eternal underclass based upon the democrat occasion for handouts and favors. they might desire to regulate to their Democrat masters or probability the horror of a republican administration. by using fact the African American inhabitants has been habituated to experience this dependency for generations, the Democrats truthfully no longer experience any genuine compulsion to handle subjects significant to the black community. Why hassle, they already own those votes.

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    Well, according to:

    7) The low I.O. of Negroes has been scientifically proven to be hereditary. Low-I.Q. people breed only more low-I.Q. offspring and usually have large numbers of offspring, further polluting the White gene pool. Blacks score 15 to 20 I.Q. points lower than Whites on every intelligence test ever given. Blacks have brains which exhibit primitive features such as small size, light weight.

    and fewer convolutions ("wrinkles" linked to intelligence). For this reason, the offspring of interracial couples will have lower intelligence than if the White partner had a child by another White person.

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    Blacks have been in dems pockets for a century and still complain. Each election dems promise to help but just more welfare isnt the answer

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    The democrat party is the party of deception.

    99% of all blacks vote for democrats and the democrat party teaches us to hate the rich.

    So it can be said the democrat party wants to keep blacks and all democrats poor.

    From the Civil War to the Civil Rights Amendments, the Republican party has been leading the way.

    MLK was a Republican.

    The DNC uses class envy and reverse racism to exploit people of many races.

    Sir Charley Barkley said it best,,,"Poor people have been voting for democrats for over 50 years, and they are still poor".

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    Look at how they are taught. They are taught that because they are black they are entitled. Not all of them think this way, but the inner city, ignorant ones believe in the handouts that this government hands them. Forgetting that there are those who have to work harder to pay for those who wont work. The fundamentals of the conservative movement is small government, self motivation, personal responsibility and work for what you want.

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    The blacks are generally impoverished. The GOP represents big business and the rich. Therefore, the GOP does not represent them and so they vote for the Democrats. Given those circumstances, their vote is reasoned and they can hardly be called idiotic for voting in their own best interests. You, however, can be labeled as such for assuming that anyone who votes for a Democratic is an idiot. Considering that most liberals are well educated, they do not meet the definition.

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    Maybe the poor inner city school that are predominately filled with black and minorities students, aren't teaching those kids enough for them to realize the GOP has smarter ideas than the dems.

    Maybe if public education for the inner city schools was improved, you'd start seeing more black and minority republicans

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