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? asked in SportsOlympics · 1 decade ago

Should Lysacek Give His Brand New Aston Martin to Plushenko__?___?

That's over quarter million dollars !!

Only people who know nothing about figure skating think Lysec deserves the gold.

Ask yourself how could they get almost the same score in the short program when Plushenko did a quadruple and Lysec did a triple triple. Both had very clean programs.

ISU has successfully fu*ked up figure skating again.



Pheemz2, you must not know that most judges are people who can't skate well. BTW, this new system is in place because the same judges cheated in pair ice dancing. Remember?

Update 2:

phynx577, I thought the short program would be easier for you to comprehend. Which part of Plushenko's short program is "rusty"?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Sure Plushenko did a quadruple, but it wasn't clean. I know it's hard to land things, but if you decide to do a quad, you better have the skills to land it cleanly.

    Plushenko may be the better ice skater, but it did not show in the Olympics this year. He just looked a little rusty.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Actually, people who really skate and coach know that Evan Lysacek, Mens Figure Skating Olympic Gold Medalist 2010 deserves his Astin-Martin. Hope he enjoys it. It's only the simpletons who can't comprehend the parts of the IJS system that think Plushenko wuzrobbed.

    Plushenko already had his "fast sports car." Well, not the one that he crashed while trying to "find himself," but the replacement that he used for the bizarre interview he gave NBC. The one where he called his competitors "enemies." Guy's got delusions of grandeur and a paranoia complex. Just what we want - a mentally-ill Olympic champion, lol.

    I don't have to ask myself how he won - I just checked the judge's scores. More rotations only count if the skater actually COMPLETES them cleanly. That's fair.

    Secondly, what part of "outskated" don't you understand? Plushenko did a CRAPPY quad that was tilted in the air and he barely landed it before pre-rotating his triple with the non-existent toe landing. He lost points as a result.

    Lysacek nailed the triple-triple with correctness, speed and continuity. He gained points on it.

    Plushenko's spins were lower-level, so he got lower points in comparison.

    His footwork was good, but Evan's was just as good.

    Technically, Plushenko was off his game that night. He was counting on the same high scores that the Russian and European competitions had earned, but he didn't skate at the same level. Lysacek nailed everything with one small edge change.

    Plushenko spent the entire first 3/4 of his program doing jump after jump after jump. In the last minute, he didn't do a single big jump, just the obligatory footwork and spins. Even people who DON'T skate or coach know that you save a few goodies for the 10% BONUS after the halfway point. Obviously, Plushy was relying on his Big Circus Trick to win and he FAILED! Lysacek's second-half jumps were more difficult (because of the fatigue issue) but he nailed them and deserved that bonus. Add to it the fact that his program wasn't well-balanced and Plushenko just gave points away.

    It's really not rocket science - skate a clean, difficult program and you get more points than putting in things that you can't perform in the clutch.

    The ISU IJS system eliminated the backdoor dealings that cost many excellent skaters *cough*midoriito*cough* fair judging. Who conspired in the 2002 Olympics to cheat the ice dancing and pairs events - oh yeah, the French and the Russians. Who's whining about quads? The french and the russians.

    Plushenko and his coach should be sanctioned for their poor sportsmanship. His fans should just get over it - you're not winning anyone over to your side by having a tantrum. Lysacek earned his medal and it's over.

    I think you need to actually study the scores and give Plushenko advice on what he did wrong.

    If you can figure out how to work IJS, the Russians can hire you to help plan correctly.

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  • 1 decade ago

    First off... Plushenko is being a baby about losing the gold. Lysacek had a flawless skate which is why his score was higher... Plushenko was good, but he bobbled several times as he came off of his routine unlike Lysacek. That's why Lysacek should and will keep his Aston Martin. It's already been decided and it's over so I think Plushenko should accept the defeat and move on.

    Source(s): My oppinion and watching the events every evening and following on the internet.
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  • 1 decade ago

    The judges who I'm damn sure know a lot more about the sport than you do thought Lysacek should have won. Plushenko needs to suck it up and accept he was beaten by a better performance.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The issue is already settled. Time to move on.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why should the Aston Martin have anything to do with anything

    Source(s): perhaps i didn't get the question right
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