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How does a senior in high school prepare for college?

Im a senior in high school and i got into colleges, now all thats left is actually getting ready for college. What should i start looking for dorm wise? What should i buy in preparation?

Such as decorations, and little things that people think college students should have in their dorms.

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    learn to share you will not have a dorm by yourself more than likely

    Keep them grades up

    make sure you pay your fees

    do let alot of people in your room... people find a way to steal

    have communication with dorm mates

    as far as dorms....... you may want to bring....

    Phone cards... if you dont have a cell phone


    DVD player

    NetFlix membership


    Refrigerator (or a micro-fridge combo unit)

    Cell phone with good service/coverage where your college is

    Digital camera to capture all your new friends and fun

    I-Pod/MP3 player/Stereo with a docking station

    Computer (preferably a laptop), with peripherals

    Three prong extension cords

    Power strip/surge protector

    Sports equipment (football, volleyball, basketball, and any other type of ball)

    Desk Lamp

    Alarm Clock (maybe two)

    Laundry bag or basket

    Laundry soap

    Stain Remover/stain stick

    Knowledge of how to do laundry or money to pay someone else to do it

    One or more rolls of quarters (for laundry, the coke machine, tolls, etc.)

    Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover

    Sewing kit (needles and thread, safety pins, two-sided tape, etc.)

    Eating utensils (preferably plastic)

    Cups and plates - plastic or styrofoam (washing dishes in a community bathroom isn't fun)

    XL Twin Bedding - Most dorm beds measure 39 x 80 – so you will need extra long twin sheets, mattress pads and featherbeds. Blankets tend to be longer but for comforters an extra long twin is helpful to avoid cold toes twin xl comforters range from 66 x 90 to 68 x 92.

    Anything to decorate your room and make you feel at home

    Iron and small ironing board, starch



    College clothes (leave the high school T-shirts and letter jackets at home)

    Bike and a (good) bike lock

    Fan (campus housing may have poor air circulation)

    Bath towels, soap, robe, etc.

    Personal hygiene items (toothpaste, deodorant, etc...)

    Shower shoes, flip flops, or Crocs

    Shower caddy for toiletries (if you have a community bathroom

    Small can-opener and bottle opener

    First aid kit, including Band-aids, antibiotic ointment, ace bandage, etc.

    Tylenol or other pain reliever



    Rain shoes/boots

    Pictures of family, friends and/or pets

    Your insurance card/health insurance information

    Phonebook from your hometown (so you can call and order flowers for your Mom on her birthday, etc.)

    Insurance agent contact information

    Friends and family contact list


    Workout and/or sports clothes

    “Dress” clothes (guys, this means at least a blazer and one or more ties)

    “Grubby” clothes (who knows if you’ll go clean up along the highway, paint someone’s house or need to play football in the mud)


    Positive attitude

    Textbooks - You don't have to buy them from FROM your school. Affordable college textbooks are available online.

    More importantly, what you should leave at home!!!

    Pets (Fish are marginally okay)

    High school memorabilia and letter jackets

    Full size refrigerator (rooms are only so big)

    Fire arms – even if you hunt or shoot for sport (regardless where you live at college, the security is likely not as good as it was back home)

    Expensive clothing and accessories (This is the real world, theft does occur)

    Out-of-season clothes (your closet is only so big). If you live a great distance from your school, bring a light jacket and some long sleeve shirts for when the weather changes unexpectedly, and for cold buildings.

    Personalized license plate from your car - You don't want to give strangers information about yourself

    Jewelry you don't wear often

    Your car if you can - it's much cheaper and you won't have to fight for parking spots

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    Ahh! I need the answer to this question too! :) But as far as me, this is what I am doing:

    - keeping my grades up

    - decided where i should go

    - just having fun my senior year

    - financial aid stuff

    - making a list for dorm room things.

    for the dorm room this is what i came up with:

    - towels

    - rug

    - bedsheets

    - pillow covers

    - hairdryer & straigtener

    - laundry hamper or basket

    - razors

    - toothbrush and toothpaste

    - mini fridge

    - heater and ac

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    are you going to make a list of things to bring?

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