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Can my mom force me to wear a sensor for my Type 1 Diabetes?

My parents bought me a sensor (to monitor my blood sugar) for my Type 1 Diabetes. As most of you *probably* know, a sensor isn't necessary for managing Type 1, it's just something to fall back on -- it monitors my blood sugars without having to manually check it all the time. And sure it's nice, but it shows through the back of my jeans, it's uncomfortable, it hurts to put in and it's embarrassing when it goes off. They are forcing me to wear it, and every time I try to oppose they say that I'm being unreasonable and a brat. To be honest I think they just don't like taking my blood sugar. (Who would? But still.) Are they legally allowed to force me into wearing it? I mean, it IS my body.



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    a CGMS can certainly help improve your control, but it's true there are more important things in life than having a perfect BGL. i am curious though, your parents check your BGL for you?('To be honest I think they just don't like taking my blood sugar.') how old are you? if you do it yourself would your parents let you not wear the sensor?

    unless you are unwilling to check your BGL via a finger prick, then no, i don't think they can legally force you to wear a CGMS. anyway, i'm sure you already realise this, but CGMS technology isn't yet accurate enough to eliminate the use of a glucometer, you still have to check via a finger prick before bolusing, to treat lows, and to calibrate the sensor. so if you were unwilling to check your BGL manually, CGMS would be a waste of time anyway.

    i can't see you ever being legally forced to go through the pain and bodily harm of wearing a CGMS unless you can't control your BGL well enough to keep your HbA1c under 8 or 9% (yes, i realise that is not in the 'target' range, but kids have got to be allowed to be kids), AND have exhausted every other control technique available to you, eg pump, different types of insulin, exercise, diet etc.

    like i said though, personally i think that CGMS is a extremely useful tool, and worth the pain and awkwardness, and not because i'm a control freak either, just because it makes life so dang well easier.

    *NOTE*: to all those who have answered saying that yes, legally a parent can make such decisions in regards to a child's health, should realise that a childs welfare concerns both their psychical AND MENTAL health. There is no denying it, inserting CGMS sensors hurts, and as correctly stated by OCD are not 'necessary' for good diabetes management.

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    You asked a legal question and I'll answer it....

    If you are 18 years of age or older, no they cannot force you to wear it.

    If you are under the age of 18 then the answer is yes, and if you refuse to wear it they can get a court injunction against you to force you to wear it.

    If you still refuse to wear it the courts (family court) can impose sanctions on you....No you won't go to jail but family courts have a lot of options available to them, up to and including putting you in a facility to force you to wear it.

    legal issues aside, it sounds like your more interested in your vanity and potential embarrassing moments than you are about your short term or long term health issues.

    It's time to grow up and step up to the plate and start taking proper care of yourself while your parents are still able to provide it. I would also enroll you into type 1 diabetic classes so you can educate yourself about this matter.

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    I wish that I could afford to wear the sensor that came with my pump. You are lucky. Do as the Jonas brother and the Miss America who has diabetes and show the world. You can help someone see that it is not to be hidden but shown to all who are afraid. No one likes taking the blood sugar, if you do not keep it down you will be like me, having 34 laser surgeries on my eyes to be able to see. Please, please, wear your sensor, and show it. Let the world see how brave you are and how determined you are to be the best that you can be. You are the only one who can help you, denial is a part of diabetes that causes blindness and foot amputations. Please take care of yourself. You are worth it.

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    It all depends upon your age.

    As an adult you can make your own choices even if they are the wrong choices.

    As a child, your parents are in charge.

    BTW- why aren't you checking your own blood sugar ?

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    i don't think LEGALLY they can force you to do anything, especially if it causes you pain, it can be considered abuse. maybe what you should do is sit down with them and tell them EXACTLY what you said in this question and tell them you feel like its time that they gave you a chance to start taking control of your diabetes. tell them you want to learn EVERYTHING about taking care of yourself so you can grow up and do it on your own. even go online and print out some research to show them that you took initiative and are really serious. i mean, you are going to HAVE to learn how to manage your diabetes one day, and maybe now is the perfect time so you wont have to wear a "babysitter" all day

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    well im no mother but i would like to have SOME authority over my kids espcially when it comes to their health

    she wants to do whats best for you

    be healthy,my friend ;)

  • When it comes to your health, yes they can make you wear it.

    No court would side with you on that issue, unless a doctor says it's not necessary or causes more harm than good.

    Can't you wear it on your arm??

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