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should i buy a dell laptop from bestbuy or from

I am looking for the best laptop I can get for under 900$ that can play the sims 3 and handle my ipod media plus my every day computing needs. I saw a computer at bestbuy for 779$ that a sales associate assured me I could do the things I listed above. But I wonder if it would be less on the dell website.

Also It would be helpful if someone could find some price comparisons for different laptops . Thanks in advance

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    if you buy from, it may take a while, but it will be custom made to your specs. No extra junk you don't need. The computers from BB are good, but they've been sitting for a while and they are "off the shelf". Also if you buy from, you have 21 days no questions asked policy. Not so from BB.

    If you buy from BB, you have to pay tax. If you buy from dell, you have to pay shipping which is LESS than tx and they OFTEN have free shipping days or free upgrades like better battery, free extra ramm, free printers, free ext hard drives, free hd size upgrade, free hd speed upgrade, FREE WARRANTY UPGRADE. The trick when buying from is to be patieent, then strike when the timing is perfect. Dell OFTEN has systems preconfigured online with web specials that you enter a code and it will be cheaper. Because they make tens of thousands per DAY, the stock has overages, they sometimes throw specials to even parts warehousing. OR They throw a sale if the subcontractors give them a special deal if they buy so many units. Dell online can react to that. Dell in a retail store can't possibly react like that.

    If you buy from BB, staples or wallyworld, you get the BB or WM warranty, not the dell IN HOME, ONE BUSINESS DAY warranty. At BB, staples and you can purchase extra years to your warranty, I don't know about wally world. On a desktop, DON't get an extended warranty on a dell. They are usually robust. On ANY notebook, no matter waht brand a extended warranty and an accidental damage policy might be a good idea. has online coupons AND THEY SOMETIMES ALLOW YOU TO STACK COUPONS meaning that you can use MORE than one at the same time. I had a 500 off AND a free 4 year warranty upgrade AND a free ramm upgrade. Can't beat that!!

  • 1 decade ago

    NEVER buy a Computer from a retail store. Retail computers have often been sitting around for a prolonged period and are almost always cheaper or you can get better for the same money online. So yeah probably will be much cheaper from I would recommend that you NOT get a Dell though.

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    1 decade ago

    Store models are usually older models than the current laptops on from you can configure it more to your needs, extra software, more or less memory, bag, upgrade battery.

    Usually take a few weeks to build and ship though.


    The dell studio 15.6 inch laptop in bestbuys weekly ad is 999. on a 17 inch is available for the same 999. The specs are otherwise similar.

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    I think you should get it from Dell.Com

    Of course theres awhile wait as they make it, but its well worth it. Its custom so you can change anything you like and such. So buying it from Dell and its made

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  • 1 decade ago

    Go to Wal-Mart and buy any laptop under $700 but over $400. You'll save between $79 and $279 instantly.

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