help! Angelman syndrome!?

Are there any patterns as to who suffers from Angelman Syndrome? For example, more boys than girls. Or ages? thanks!

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  • 10 years ago
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    Angelman syndrome affects males and females equally, as well as all races and ethnicities. Since Angelman syndrome is a neurogenetic disorder individuals are born with the disorder. To date there is no known cure for Angelman syndrome, so (at this point) individuals will be affected for life.

    Source(s): Angelman Syndrome Foundation:
  • 3 years ago

    Angelman syndrome, led to via a genetic illness on chromosome 15, incorporates developmental delay, close to absence of speech, and facial abnormalities. the main mind-blowing function of somebody with Angelman syndrome, however, is the visual charm of being chuffed lots of the time, with known smiling and prolonged episodes of laughter. Angelman syndrome could take place in human beings of all ethnic backgrounds. approximately 70-seventy 5% of persons born with Angelman syndrome have no family participants historical past of the sickness. indications those with Angelman syndrome share basic characteristics: Developmental delay and useful impairment Disparity between wisdom language and speaking; speaks few or no words; may well be waiting to apply nonverbal gestures short interest span, hyperactivity, surely excitable, seems chuffed, known smiling and/or guffawing situation with stream or stability, which contain situation strolling and/or tremors of limbs. besides, those with Angelman syndrome could have: Seizures of any style in the back of schedule, disproportionate improve of head in formative years Hypopigmented epidermis and eyes extensive mouth, broadly-spaced tooth, protruding tongue, drooling, feeding issues and in many situations putting issues in the mouth throughout the time of infancy Sleep disturbance.

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    10 years ago

    -mental retardation

    -wide based gait (walks like a marionette)

    -inappropriate laughter ("Happy Puppet" syndrome)

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