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why does America win the most gold medals at every olympic games?

why does america have the best athletes? does it have to do with training quality?

(except football or "soccer" as they say...but im sure if america wanted to, they could put together the best team in any sport)

one would think a country like canada or germany or russia would hold the most gold medals in winter olympics...

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  • James
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    The US doesn't always win the most medals. The last time the US led the medal table in the Winter Games was in 1932.

    In the 60's, 70's and 80's, East Germany and the Soviet Union regularly topped the medal standings in both the Summer and Winter Olympics, but their sports programs declined with the fall of communism.

  • 4 years ago

    Because we're the best. We have 2681 total medals, the next closest competitor is the Soviet Union with just over 1200. Norway has the most winter medals but the united States is second, and besides the winter Olympics isn't as big of a deal, everyone knows it's about the summer games and the us has over 2200 medals in the summer games just to put that in perspective there have been just over 14,000 medals handed out since they've started that means we win 1 out of every 6.9 or so. It's because of superior breeding and a passion for all things sports.

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    America may not always win the "most medals" but historically has performed exceptionally well for one simple reason - money! Funding allows the athletes to train full-time and also attracts the best trainers. Funding allows for better facilities, nutrition, and equipment. Funding allows the athletes to actually compete at all the various events. Travel, accommodations, etc., isn't cheap.

    My father-in-law made a comment a few days ago that made sense. When you look at the countries that have medaled and their historical Olympic legacy, nearly all the countries are in the G-20. Countries with the highest GDP have always done well. America being no exception to this rule.

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    I thought the Olympics were for bringing countries together for the spirit of sportsmanship and friendship. Why are all you people obsessed with what kind and how many medals any country has won? I am sure the Olympic committee keeps track of every kind of medal that is won by country, which means that they always have the total medal count too.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    We don't win the most at every Olympic games, but we usually do win a lot of medals at any Olympics (though not always number one) simply because of the fact that we have a large population so more access to a lot of athlete's, in addition to an emphasis on sports in public schools and US society in general. Most communities in the US have excellent sports facilities for young people.

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    They don't. In 2006 Germany topped the table, Norway topped it in 2002 despite the US being hosts, Germany topped it in 1998.

    Why would you think Canada would top? They have a population of about 33 million, the US has over 300 million. The reason for the US's success is simple, they have the 3rd largest population in the world, they're a very wealthy country and they have an excellent set up, a result of the other 2 factors.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The U.S. is not the biggest winner by population. In our favor, the U.S. is very pro-sports. Working against us, many other countries' governments support their Olympic candidates financially and otherwise; the U.S. does not. Finances can be difficult to impossible for American competitors and many potential contenders can't even get started.

    Many of the other countries could fit inside one of the U.S. states. Take a look at this list of population by country se you can see how the U.S. compares with Canada and Russia:


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    We, the United States, are winning the most medals in Vancouver 2010 bc God is smiling on us. We also work very hard. We are a nation that has overcome a lot of adversity and one that carved a civilization out of the wilderness. We invented the airplane, put a man (12 of them) on the moon and liberated Europe (twice). Ppl come from all over the world to see our sights, to buy our merchandise (and some stay on and apply for welfare-- knowledge of English is helpful, but not required). Contrary to the popular belief, no one is ever turned away from a U.S. hospital bc they have no money or no insurance (otoh, the hospital does have the right to send the person a bill just like foreign hospitals have the right to send a bill to an American citizen getting care there).

    BTW, Canada and Germany are doing well in Vancouver and I believe that Canada will win a record number of golds this time.

    God bless our Olympic team and God bless the United States of America!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Are these the first winter games that you've watched?

    This is the first time since 1932 that the US has done this well.

    The usual winners are Norway, Russia, Germany...

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    B/C they are a much larger country (in pop. size)as opposed to Canada or the UK

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