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Mistake on direct deposit on IRS return?

Should I contact the IRS or the bank to get my money back? I accidentally typed in the wrong account number on my direct deposit on my tax return. It was off by one # and now I don't know if my bank will be able to retrieve my refund money from the wrong account or not. I am through Bank of America. Are they generally good at getting money back from these types of human typing error?

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  • garyg7
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    1 decade ago
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    The site has a page about incorrect direct deposit information. That you are responsible for your own mistake is the summary. At the bottom of the article, it says:

    If the numbers you indicated on your tax return are incorrect, then you'll need to deal directly with the bank in which your refund was deposited. You'll know which bank and bank account it is, since you have the bank numbers listed on your tax return.

    1. Find the bank by looking up which bank is associated with the routing number shown on your tax return.

    2. Talk to the ACH manager at that bank.

    3. Persuade the bank to sent the refund back to the IRS.

    4. Call the IRS and explain that the bank will be sending back the refund.

    5. Ask the IRS agent to fill out a Taxpayer Advocate Service Request (Form 911) to route your case to the taxpayer advocate.

    6. When the Advocate contacts you, explain that you want this incident added to their annual report as a direct deposit error.

    7. In the future, always get a check, unless you are 100% sure that your bank info is correct.

    I hope this helps.


  • 1 decade ago

    It depends on the timing. If you just filed your return, the IRS may be able to help. If it is closer to the time you should have received your direct deposit, contact your bank and explain the situation. If the account doesn't exist the bank will send the money back to the IRS.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How long did it take you to notice the error?

    There are a lot of delays in processing this year, making it more likely that a phone assistor can enter a transaction to flip the direct deposit to a check. This has to be done before the return completes processing, so if you efiled yesterday, call. If your direct deposit was showing, then it's too late. Then you talk to the bank.

  • 1 decade ago

    If the number that you typed was, by coincidence, the account number of someone else, then they may have already spent the money.

    If the number that you typed was not an account number of anyone, then the bank will return the money to the IRS and the IRS will send you a check for the money.

  • 5 years ago

    Yes they said on the phone last week I had an error also after promising DD on 2.8, 2.13 and 2.20 - rep said who knows, could be techinical but on website nothing has been updated - I am wondering just how many people are experiencing the delay in DD this year - by the way of the blogs it seems something is amiss - I sorta just threw up my hands and said another govermental agency to deal with, nah, wait to see what excuse they have in two weeks. I would still think you would get DD, what would be difference in mailing except to send the notice for the difference? They surely can do both now dont you think? I wish you luck, but me thinks something amiss for sure

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