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Will thursday's bipartisan health care summit accomplish anything?

Now that Republicans have reluctantly agreed to show up to discuss health care, what will be the result?

A true compromise that ultimately works toward a bill that improves the U.S. health care system?

Or a complete standoff where both sides go away saying "we need to reform health care" but agree to nothing?

Nobody can know what the outcome will be, but it will be televised so at least the American people will see who is working for the country's welfare and who isn't.

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    Short Answer: no

    Since we're not starting over from scratch, we have to take 2 bad bills and use them as a foundation for a new bill. That's a recipe for disaster. Any construction engineer will tell you that if your foundation is not sound, no matter how good the rest of your building is, the whole thing will come crumbling down.

    There will be no true compromise because we're not starting over. It will be more like the standoff. Obama won't want to move from certain parts of the existing bill he feels are critical for what he wants to accomplish, therefore Republicans will take stands on portions of the bill as well.

    All this is political cover so that when this ultimately fails, Obama can say the Republicans are at fault too.

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    God willing, the reforms will pass.

    It will give an opportunity though for the lies and half truths that the right spread to come up against the facts!

    FACT - Insurance companies in the USA admit to pushing up prices, buying politicians and not paying out claims when they should [1]

    FACT - PER PERSON the USA spends more on healthcare than any other nation on the planet [2]

    FACT - Obama debated his plans before the election for healthcare [3]

    FACT - the chance of a child under five of dying in the USA is greater than industrialised nations with universal health coverage [4]

    FACT - Obama was elected to bring in change [5]

    FACT - Obama wants to stop insurance companies from screwing America [6]

    FACT - The reforms Obama wants work in the Netherlands and Switzerland [7]

    Let me know if my facts are wrong, but please provide proof.

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    One step closer to Fascism.

  • Robert
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    Well, we'll have your Messiah The President LECTURE everybody, praise himself, use "I," "me," "mine" about 50 times a minute and then he'll make another speech and another and another...

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