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Do u think it would be a HUGE waste if WWE never got the balls to book Taker vs Cena at WM till Taker retires?

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I know maybe it's because of simply the "Icons" losing their aura if The Undertaker beats them at WrestleMania that Taker never faced any of WWE icons at Wrestlemania. I mean just see Hulk Hogan losing to Taker at the biggest stage wouldn't it damage Hogan's aura as a superhero face? He's supposed to be seen as "The Immortal" and him losing to Taker would simply just be damaging to his image. With that said,since they were all icons in the company,I feel like Vince didn't put Undertaker against any of them at Wrestlemania,not because he didn't think they were worthy enough,but because he didn't wanna make them look weak.When you look at Hulk vs.Rock at Wrestemania X8,they were both huge stars at that time,but whether win or lose,it didn't hurt them because they're was nothing like the streak on the line to dull their characters if they lost.

When you look at somebody like Randy Orton,he was good enough to kill off back in 2005,becase he wasn't looked at in many people's eyes at what you call "BIG TIME".He wouldn't look like a twig if he lost,as somebody like Hogan or Hart could.Also,Shawn is a big star and is looked at as being on the same level as Undertaker,and his match at Mania 25 was worthy of match of the year.His legacy was not killed,but I think WWE planned a two time match(one last year,and this upcoming for WM 26, although I don't think they will have a rematch) because they want Shawn to kill 17-0,to make him look superior along with Undertaker.

If that were to happen,HBK would be the only icon to face Undertaker and not appear weaker than he is.I don't think Cena vs.Taker would ever happen because WWE makes him out to be a superman character,and he mostly wins his matches.Cena losing at Wrestlemania to a legend would make him appear weak to his kiddie fans,maybe not.WWE probaby doesn't want to take that chance (unless he was heel).

So my main point is,Vince sees Taker as a huge money maker,fans worship him as a legend,and because of his success he is like a brick wall.Putting other icons against him would probably weaken them,and WWE seems to want a balance.They want icons that are larger than life and cannot be beat.

That's understandable, but really, Vince preferred Giant Gonzales over Hogan to face Taker at WM 9, King Kong Bundy over Bret to face Taker at WM 11, Big Boss Man over Austin/Rock to face Taker at WM 15, and Big Show & A-Train over Lesnar to face Taker at WM 19. And I don't know who will he prefer over Cena to face Taker at any WM possible.

I admit, and anyone got to admit, Taker is nearing retirement. He's planning to take time-off after WM 26 so it's safe to assume he won't retire this year, but perhaps next year. And I believe, despite all the fear and denial they got, WWE Board directors realized that Cena vs Taker at WM would perhaps be the hugest money maker ever since Rock vs Austin, or maybe ever since Andre vs Hogan. Cena has been booked like a demi-god with all his victories, whoever says he isn't the biggest threat for The Streak should have their brain checked. As a threat, he's billion times bigger than Ted DiBiase Jr!! And seeing how Taker isn't going to stay long, their only chance to book that match is next year at WM 27. That, too, if The Undertaker is healthy enough to make it to WM 27.

I believe, if WWE never got the balls to book Cena vs Taker at WM despite the outcome, they're going to lose a sh*tload amount of money. Do u agree with me or not?

BQ: Will WWE ever got the balls to book the match?

Update: match would be OK.

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    Yeah, it would the biggest waste of all time. That's one of a few dream matches left in WWE. There are a lot of dream matches that thw WWE Fans really want to see, example:

    1. Stone Cold vs Hulk Hogan

    2. Big Show vs Andre The Giant

    3. The Rock vs Shawn Michaels

    4. Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle


    These matches will never happen coz some of these superstars had already retired or unable to wrestle because of their serious injuries.


    WWE should give the fans this match. Not only that this match would make a lot of money for WWE, but also it would be a Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant match of this era. And it would really satisfy the fans.


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    I think John Cena vs Undertaker will take place at Wrestlemania 28, when the streak goes to 20-0 and Taker retires.

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    Wrestlemania 27 - Cena vs Undertaker (60 min Ironman Match)

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    WM 27 , Cena v The Undertaker. But they build Cena as a Icon like Austin and The Rock, so it might not happen.

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  • Yea i was upset at first but now i want to see hbk vs hhh vs taker


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    I hope so. Too bad WWE's balls haven't dropped (like the kids they appeal too).

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    I want to see cena vs. taker............

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