What are good middle and last names to go with the first name Storm?

What is a good middle and last name to go with the first name Storm?

Apparently it's a name that you'd find once in a while in the southern US, which is just where my character for my short story happens to be from.

My goal is to make his name sound REAL, not silly like "Storm Tracker" or "Storm E. Gray" or

"Storm Trooper". ... Clever but not what I'm looking for. Obviously.

So far I've been leaning toward something like Storm Underwood or Storm Holloway. What do you guys think? Have any spin offs? I tend to like longer last names for short first names.

The middle name will most likely be a bit traditional as well so, just throw what you've got out there.



In this case I'm using Storm as MALE'S name. :)

Update 2:

And yes, I'm from the US too, the north in particular and I know of a few people named Storm from the south.

... Yeayeah, I know the one character in the X-Men too, however, that show doesn't apply here.

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    Storm Hunter Davis

    Storm Zachary Cooper

    Storm Diego Ramirez

    Storm Oliver Kristophe

    Storm Hudson Russell

    Storm Jacob Leighton

    Storm Daniel Carson

    Storm Gregor Hendrick

    Storm Dylan Gilmore

    Storm Ellison Crosley

    Storm Blakely Danforth

    Storm Greyson Harley

    Storm Jasper Kennedy

    Storm Kirk Campbell

    Storm Lionel Houston

    Storm Michael Lawson

    Storm Conrad Palmer

    Storm Donte Taylor

    Storm Noah Johnathan

    Storm Benjamin Graham

    Storm Dalton Williams

    Storm Henson Bartholomew

    Storm Jared Elliot

    Storm Levi Roberts

    Storm Harvey Reynolds

    Storm Paul Kirkwell

    Storm Dorian Henley

    Storm Frederick Alistair

    Storm Montgomery Jacobs

    Storm Theodore Philips

    Storm Cody Luthor

    Storm Isaac Olsen

    Storm Rhys Thompson

    Storm Jason Ingram

    Storm Gilby Felton

    Storm Radley Teagan

    Storm Warick Stevens

    Storm Matthew Leonard

    Storm Andrew Parker

    Storm Kieran Lawrence

    Storm Wesley Carlton

    Storm Darren Warner

    Storm Rafferty Michaels

    Storm Kyle Latimer

    Storm Oscar Kincaid

    Storm Victor Travis


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    Storm Vera Tenerowitz.

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    Well I'm from the U.S. (not the South) but I've never heard of anyone named Storm, except the girl in X-men.

    Storm David Jacobs

  • 10 years ago

    the first one that popped into my head was Storm Tobin ..

    however i do likee Storm Holloway!!

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    Storm ? Won't he get made fun of . But i guess Jason sounds good with it.

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    Some great answers already for this question

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    I'm not completely sure about this one

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