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Trying to lose belly fat. I am 5ft7 and I weight 140 pounds. I have a muffin top I am trying to get rid of.?

What can I do, I heard to lose belly fat I would have to lose weight all over but I don't really want that, I see myself as slim but everyone else thinks I am skinny (waist size goes from 5 to 7 depending on the maker). So what can I diet or exercise to lose that jiggle I have and prevent it from coming back?

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    Do you see the box near the top of the page?

    The one labelled 'Search for questions: '?

    Well type in 'lose weight'.

    You will find over 23,000 pre-existing questions.

    Try the misspellings 'loose weight' and there are another 6,500.

    In all there are over 70,000 Health section questions requesting solutions to being or thinking you might be overweight.

    On average these each yield 6 answers, that is over 420,000 answers.

    I can usefully summarise these answers in 4 words:

    EAT LESS DO MORE. Are you desperate enough to try this???

    Source(s): GP for more years than I care to remember
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    Source(s): Drop 20 lbs fast with this...
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    Exercise or no exercise you won't be able to lose the weight if you don't cut your food intake but we all know that's pretty hard, right? A good appetite suppressant can help you out big time but it has to be natural or you can get into serious heath problems.

    I lost 38 lbs in 2 months by using garcinia cambogia extract (FDA approved 100% natural). In my first month 26 and then 12 the second month. I was an emotional eater and these supplements changed my life. They act like an appetite suppressant so I didn't feel like eating anymore. Not hungry anymore -> Lower calories -> Lose weight, simple as that. I did no exercises just 20 minutes walks 5 days a week.

    It's been 4 months since I lost the weight and I did not gain any pounds back, actually I lost another 5 lbs (I stop taking them after I lost the weight). If you want to take a look here is a website where you can find discounts: I got them 30% off from here. Hope this helps!

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    Hey dude,

    I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. I'm 5"6 and weigh around 132 pounds at the moment.

    I'm finally losing the last bits of belly fat that have been there for years. It was more about what I ate.. I wanted to make sure I didn't lose too much muscle.. So I went for total body workouts because your body continues to burn fat for many hours after the workout.

    I went from about 15% body fat 3 months ago to under 11% now. My abs are almost out.

    All my diet info and training methods were from this site

    Good luck with it man!

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    I have a suggestion you may not like.

    Why not wear jeans that don't give you muffin top. The wrong pair of jeans can give anyone a muffin top. It's not necessarily your hips that are the problem.

    Your other option is liposuction.

    Every female on planet earth has a fat pad below their naval, just as every woman has breasts made of fat. If you have boobs, you probably have the typical fat pads on the lower belly and over the hip bones. There is no cure for this except to lose fat to an unhealthy percentage or get it sucked out with liposuction. There is a reason why breast implants are so popular in Hollywood, it's because women lose all the fat on their bodies and leave their boobs deflated and gross. Those who have natural boobs and no fat below the waist had it sucked it out with lipo. Very few women are naturally low fat below the waist and don't have implants. I don't know of any, to be honest.

    Anyway, you could buy jeans that fit you properly. Your weight is actually optimal for your height, if you are lean. If you are overfat, you could lose 10 pounds, but it will come off from everywhere....your jeans will fit, but you' risk losing your boobs. Maybe it's time to make the move to even sizes? Try a Misses size 4 or 6 as they are cut differently than juniors sizes. If you are into designer jeans, buy the jeans that are sized by your actual measurements.


    Source(s): Experience. Was a lean 145, size 8, 34-1/2 hip, 28-1/2 waist and thought I was too fat and I lost the LBS, but lost a lot of muscle. Over the years, the weight came back and now I'm a blobby 164, size 10. there are better ways to get lean than to look for lost lbs on the scale. LBs are the enemy. It's harder to rebuild lost muscle than it is to lose excess fat. Do it right the first time.
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    I did exercise weightloss disc and I lost about 20 pounds in not even 3 months. And I've kept it off

    for almost 2 years now. I found it to be the way because it pretty effective and you didn't have to

    count points or anything like that. What I lost really isn't typical for the amount of time I did it

    but I know others who have done it and they got really good results from it as you can find

    a good weight loss disc

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    I've lost 5 kilos in my first week. It's my 10th day and I have included salad with some protein (eg. egg/ lean chicken) as you suggested. After 4 years of trying, the fat is finally coming off. It truly feels like magic!

    Get started today!

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    There is no such thing as "spot reducing". Sorry. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something. And it won't work.

    If you cut out bread, pasta, rice, sugar (esp. soft drinks) and get regular exercise -- weight lifting is the best, you can reduce your bodyfat percentage. Stick with fresh foods: lean meat, vegetables, fruit (in moderation). Have a protein drink up to 3 times a day.

    Women have more fat receptors in their lower abdomen, thighs and buttocks than men. It's why we don't look like teenage boys.

    At your height and weight, you're at the low end of your desirable weight range.

    Source(s): Been there.
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    1300-1500 calories a day

    try to stay relatively low fat( don't buy into the "low/no fat" products until you read the ingredients), a food that's an exception is nuts.

    Breakfast: keep it to 200-300calories(this meal can be heavier) and include a piece of fruit, good carbs (ex: porridge, whole wheat toast, whole wheat tortia), and protein (ex: a small handful of almonds, an egg, tuna)

    Drink: 2/3 of a glass of skim/soy/1% milk

    Snack#1: 100-120calories

    again keep it somewhat light but you can have pretty much anything here (ex: yogurt, apple chips, fruit, dried fruit)

    Drink: green (opt) tea

    Lunch: 200-350calories

    whole wheat wrap with tuna/any other lean meat of your choosing, lettuce, tomato, mustard (optional: a small bit of grated cheese and green onions)

    Drink: no sugar added juice

    Snack#2: 100-220 calories

    can include veggies and hummus with some whole wheat crackers, a smoothie, dried fruit

    Dinner: 300-500calories

    there are alot of things you can have for dinner, as long as it's healthy ingredients and such. It's fine just mind your portions.

    More veggies and lean meat less carbs

    total: 900-1480calories

    any extra calories left can be used by extra snacks or more calorific snack

    here's a good 4week workout plan

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    Eat well and exercise 30 minutes a day for weight maintenance. If you want to target a particular area- hire a personal trainer or see an exercise physiologist. They can probably help you target the area you are trying to slim down. Good luck!

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