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Would anyone know where I could find the complete family tree of Canadian explorer David Thompson?

This is proving to be more difficult than I thought. Any Canadian history buffs out there willing to point me in the right direction?


Tried that google search with that phrase and no luck. Thanks, guys!

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    Do you mean ancestors or descendants? His ancestry is unknown, but he had quite a few children

    ID: I26

    Name: David THOMPSON 1

    Sex: M

    Birth: 30 APR 1770 in London, England 2

    Death: 10 FEB 1857 in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada 2

    Burial: Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Note: family plot of his son-in-law Dalhousie Landell 2

    Occupation: fur trader, astronomer, surveyor, mapmaker, geographer

    Note: 2

    "Fanny born 10 June 1801 (Rocky Mountain House [Alberta]), died 17 May 1884

    Samuel born 5 March 1804 (Peace River [Northern Sunrise Co, Alberta]), died ?

    Emma born 5 March 1806 (Reed Lake House), died 22 February 1814 (Terrebonne)

    John born 25 August 1808 (Boggy Hall [Saskatchewan]), died 11 January 1814

    Joshua born 28 March 1811 (Fort Augustus [Edmonton, Alberta]), died ?

    Henry, born 30 July 1813 (Terrebonne [Quebec]), died 23 October 1855

    Charlotte, born 7 July 1815 (Terrebonne), died ?

    Elizabeth (Ellen?), born 25 April 1817 (Williamstown [Glengarry Co, Ontario]), died ?

    William (John) born 9 November 1819 (Williamstown), died ?

    Thomas born 10 July 1822 (Williamstown), died ?

    George born 13 July 1824 (Williamstown), died 27 August 1824

    Mary born 2 April 1827 (Williamstown), died 1906

    Eliza (Barbara) born 4 March 1829 (Williamstown), died ?"

    --David G. Anderson, "The Family of David Thompson, Mapmaker," Glengarry Life, no. 36, 1994.

    Change Date: 3 DEC 2008

    Father: David THOMPSON b: in Wales

    Mother: Ann --?-- b: in Wales

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    Have you tried typing Genealogy of explorer David Thompson in to the Google search engine, Google is really helpful with genealogy.

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    if his ancestors are not all known,then you dont automatically fiond a complete one.

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