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What sort of area is Southwark(London)?

I am US American and am looking to visit

London and Dover later this year, and have

a friend in Southwark, business in The

City, and a project in Dover.

Music, Theatre, Transportation,

Accommodations and Dining?

Apparently, my friend in Southwark does not have a



And Exactly WHAT in my question

prompted Yahoo to suggest

LBGT as the appropriate category?

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    You don't really need a car in Southwark (pronounced "Suth Erk", not "South Wark") as you are close to central London buses, railways and Underground system. All of which will take you all over London very quickly- and get you to Dover fast as well.

    For Transport visit www.tfl.gov.uk which will show you bus & tube ( underground) maps as well as inform you about the Oystercard travel pass. You can buy a weekly, or a pay as you go on the SAME card: the latter allows you to top up with cash (prepay) for journey in & around London.

    Southwark is just south of the "City of London" - you literally have to walk over London Bridge to be in the south part of the City. Note the City of London is the area's official name


    In the city we have the Barbican theatre that has performances of music and theatre :


    You should make time to visit the restored Global theatre, as that is in Southwark by the river. It's well worth a trip. Shakespear & other plays are still performed here


    Or you can jump on Train from London Bridge to Charing Cross station, to get quickly to the West End. This is where the main Theatre land of London is found. And of course thousand of Restaurants!

    There are good restaurants in the city & the West end. too many to chpose from and at every level of budget. Check out www.squaremeal.com , or www.toptable.com/en-gb/location/tree/?l=7 to have a quick search.

    Also Check out www.timeout.com/london as there is always lots of things happening every week.

    Have a fab time.

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    Just a comment, not expecting 'best answer'.

    Southwark is a very varied borough - you can easily walk from chi-chi farmer's markets to half boarded up off-licences with the cashiers behind bullet proof screens within two blocks. The National Theatre, The Old and Young Vic, Shakespeare's Globe and three or four of the best 'fringe' theatres in London are in Southwark, as is the Tate Modern. It has a great, under-rated, Cathedral. But, as in Shakspeare's day, turn a corner and you can find squalor, prostitution, dog-fighting and quite possibly bear-baiting.

    It's much easier to use public transport or walk than own a car. Parking is hell. Spending the money you save on cabs or the occasional hire car is much easier.

    Source(s): I used to walk quite often from King's Cross to Elephant and Castle - an education.
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    He doesn't need a car in London; there is good public transport and the roads are congested; there is a daily charge for using central London roads and parking is scarce and expensive. Southwark has good Underground (Subway) links into central London www.tfl.gov.uk and you can catch a train from London Bridge Station (in Southwark) to Dover www.nationalrail.co.uk

    If you are in the part of Southwark near London Bridge Station, that is also a good area for restauants. However it is a large borough and you do not state which part you are staying in. The parts of the borough not on the Underground system will have suburban rail stations close by

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    Good bus service to the city. Also has some underground links but is very close to the city anyway. Getting to work should be no problem, many buses from all over southwark will give you access to the city of london.

    Some of southwark is nice, particularly by the thames but some of it is quite frankly a shithole. (elephant and castle and old kent road for example)

    London Bridge and Borough would be your ideal location. Along with Waterloo.

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    Southwark is a large administrative area. It includes some really good areas and some total dumps. Anyone who drives a car in Central London is pretty stupid, so your friend shows some sense.

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    From www.upmystreet.com


    You can also choose the other tabs to find out about nightlife and transport.

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