what are some good unique baby names for these parents?

remember these are famous ppl

what are some good names that would go with these parents 5 girls and five boys each first/middle

1st brittany ann brazell and ian joseph somerhalder

2nd sarah christine glenn and paul thomas wesley

3rd valerie ann barnes and jensen ross ackles

4th stephanie parli and jared tristan padalecki

who ever helps me Ace my creative writing assignment will get best answer if i think they deserve it and yes i know the girls aren't famous but the guys are


baby names for what would go with the parents

Update 2:

i meant to say baby names for the parents oh my gosh i just need baby names

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    1. Mya Heidi, Stefania Carson, Makaila Jalynn, Selina Kate, Drew Carli, Elijah Destin, Cristofer Cordell, Trevin Nash, Guy Darren, and Broderick Kason.

    2. Christa Averie, Alexandra Kalyn, Kaci Roxana, Dianna Angeles, Zariah Sydney, Michael Trey, Jeremiah Darren, Trevor Trenton, Kerry Jay, Vaughn Efren.

    3. Robyn Anabelle, Taya Lorelei, Tamya Gwyneth, Jayleen Tracy, Bria Miriam, Sullivan Earl, Javen Alexander, Vincent Ty, Shawn Koda, and Kevin Darrius.

    4. Mary Maren, Jaime Astrid, Anastasia Kallie, Jailyn Journey, Natalie Margaret, Rex Kennedy, Jordan Stone, Joseph Irving, Hugh Zachary, and Kamden James.

    Source(s): Mya, Stef, Makaila, Selina, Drew, Eli, Cris, Trevin, Guy, and Brodie. Chris, Alexandra, Kaci, Dianna, Zariah, Michael, Jeremiah, Trevor, Kerry, and Vaughn. Robyn, Taya, Tamya, JT, Bria, Sullivan, Javen, Vincent, Shawn, Kevin. Mary, Jaime, Ann, Jailyn, Nat, Rex, Jordan, Joseph, Hugh, and Kamden.
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    Brittany Ann Brazell and Ian Joseph Somerhalder

    - Avelyn Johanne Somerhalder (Girl) (Av-uh-lyn)

    - Aspen Joseph Somerhalder (Boy)

    Sarah Christine Glenn and Paul Thomas Wesley

    - Eliana Christine Wesley (Girl) (El-e-on-uh)

    - Hudson Glenn Wesley (Boy)

    Valerie Ann Barnes and Jensen Ross Ackles

    - Sailor Jensen Ackles (Girl)

    - Jenner Maddox Ackles (Boy)

    Stephanie Parlie and Jared Tristan Padalecki

    - Scotlyn Trista Padalecki

    - Brecken Pierce Padalecki

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    1st brittany ann brazell and ian joseph somerhalder

    - Kaden Blaze Brazell Somerhalder

    - Skylar Ray Brazell Somerhalder

    2nd sarah christine glenn and paul thomas wesley

    - Victoria Skye Glenn Wesley

    - Scottie James Glenn Wesley

    3rd valerie ann barnes and jensen ross ackles

    - Greyer Thomas Barnes Ackles

    - Mckenzie Leigh Barnes Ackles

    4th stephanie parli and jared tristan padalecki

    -Sophia Brienn Parli Padalecki

    -Jaiden Reese Parli Padalecki

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    1) Girls: Annabelle Rose, Gloria Nicole, Jennifer Glenn, Hannah Lucille, Jordan Elaine

    Boys: David Shane, Michael Soren, Gray William, Jeremy Thomas, Liam Chase

    2) Girls: Sophia Grace, Natalia Eileen, Rosalie Mina, Leah Olivia, Scarlett Jane

    Boys: Aidan Campbell, Nathanial Vane, Asher (Ash) Warren, Cole Terrance, Victor Lawrence

    3) Girls: Tesse Rylie, Peyton Jo, Jessica (Jess) Ellen, Erin Kate, Andie Melissa

    Boys: Tyler Brent, Andrew Marshall, Daniel (Danny) Sheen, Steven Mitchell, Carter Jackson

    4) Girls: Ally Corrine, Adrienne Ness, Fiona Cheyenne, Mary Collette, Alexa (Lexi) Anne

    Boys: Zachary (Zach) Brendan, Sean Michael, Ian James, Nicholas (Nick) Aaron, Ethan Marcus

    Good luck on the paper!

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    Brianna Josephine, Brittanneph Hazell, Somer Halian, Iana Ann.

    Brian Josheph, Britain Hal, Halden Brazdell, Ian Bradz, Brisom Hillel.

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    1: Jayden Joseph (boy), Kayla Brittani (girl)

    #2:Ian Thoma (boy) , Victoria Christine (girl)

    #3: Kyler Jensen (boy), Anna Jade (girl)

    #4:Caleb Tristan (boy), Julia Giselle (girl)

    Extra: Dominic Roman (boy), Gabriella Brooklyn

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    Jackson- ja from jacob and son rom madison. Jakeson? Jamison. James. What approximately use a commonly used names like jacob anda center call like madison or vice versa. so: Joshua Matthew or Mattew Joshua? What approximately Jackson Matthew?

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    1 Asher and Luke

    2. Amelia and Wesley

    3. Cason and Oliver

    4. Laura and Matthew

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    (B)Tyce Bennet

    (B)Bronx Vincent

    (B)Kasen Nash

    (B)Harvey Damien

    (B)Clay Sawyer

    (G)Lola Kaelyn

    (G)Raegan Lexis

    (G)Darcy Vienna

    (G)Jersey Adeline

    (G)Romie Violeta


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    I don't understand the question. You want names for the parents?

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