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我第一次寫 想參考看看範例 有經驗的朋友請幫助我 給我看看範例 誠心贈送20點

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    The reader

    I’d like to discuss two things in this film. How long would a secret be kept? How great is the love affair between Hanna and Michael?

    Michael Berg kept the affair with Hanna in secret till the end of the film. He even went to the Hanna’s grave with his daughter and began to tell her the entire story.

    Hanna Schmitz kept the secret about being illiterate for nearly her entire life till she was old. When Hanna was accused to be responsible for the death of 300 Jewish women in Auschwitz , she admitted the crime rather than showing she was not capable of reading and writing. She refused to provide her handwriting as she was demanded to write a signature sample in court.

    In the film, Michael had some love for Hanna. We can tell from his readings to Hanna, even though she was sent to the jail and grew old. However, I think he loved Hanna’s physical body more than true spirit. He also said goodbye to a one-night stand lover and his marriage didn’t last long. These can show his point of view about love and being love.

    In the movie, Hanna loved Michael. At first, maybe she couldn’t escape from the attraction of a lovely young man, but when she knew there’s a birthday party for Michael, she left without a word. I think she wanted him back to his normal life.

    There’s another kind of “love” in this film and that is the love for all people. There is no right to kill other people no matter what. The world needs more love and peace.

    Many good books were read by Michael , like The Odyssey, The Lady with the little Dog, and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. They were awesome!

    By: Lucy

    09 2009


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