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Is everything we eat unhealthy?

Breakfast: Eggs omelet(cholesterol) cereal(sugar), toast bread(fattening carbs) yougurt, fruit(sugar)

Lunch: lunch meats(fattening proteins),chicken salad(vegetable salmonella) smoothie(sugary)


Drink:water(dirty tap or recycled plastic chemicals in bottle)


juices& fruit(sugar the silent killer)

Few examples but basically we are all screwed because there is no perfect food?

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    The way you put it yes, but A LOT of the foods we eat (un-prosessed) have gained a really bad rep, over the years. Thing is yes, it is true. Watch Food INC. and you will see the truth!

    P.S. The sugars in fruits are EXTREMELY healthy, its only refined sugar that isn't!

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    In the occasion you follow The Canadian/American foods guide to your respective age you are going to have an overly good balanced meals routine. You ought to be precise to devour a couple of situations an afternoon despite the fact that, don't restrict your drinking to only one meal after which cross the others. This might once in a while provide your frame the proposal that it would possibly not be receiving to any extent further meals and it will pass into survival mode and you may additionally even bulk up a bit of of. If 3 foods could now not fit you, are attempting 5 - 6 little parts; a few folks opt for to get their day's valued at of meals that system. Both manner quality well fortune.

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    dont get too stressed out over what you eat. I've gone from two extremes: being obese to being really trim. Both are no fun to be at. Now I'm just average, and I find myself happier than when I was working out every day and being extremely concious of what I eat. And A) you need most of that stuff that you eat, such as carbs, proteins, even fats. Don't worry. That's all I can say.

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    You do realize that there ARE good types of cholesterol, sugar, and proteins, right?

    Fruit has NATURAL sugars which are good for you.

    I don't remember eggs.

    Did you not take a health class or something?

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    1 decade ago

    you cant just ignore some foods! to me as long as your active and dont sit watching tv for hours will eating a big bag of chips your fine.

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    Food in its natural state is the healthiest.

    That said, some of it is high in fat, et cetera, so utilize moderation.

    Comon sense isn't so common.

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    sure, no most healthy food,only better healthy food

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