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I am singing in a karaoke competition, what songs fit my voice? Help me pick one out?

I am an alto and I am also female.

Here is the link to my You Tube so you can hear my voice: http://www.youtube.com/user/CaitlynGrishamMusic

Tell me what songs I should sing? I really don't want to sing a song that I have covered on my You Tube account...D:

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    Yes you would fit in the Alto section in a classical Choir, but you are a mezzo-soprano.

    'Alto' is not a voice type. Alto is NOT the same as 'Contralto'. Alto is JUST a PART (which is used in all sorts of musical intruments), the whole word; Contralto, IS an actual voice type. Most people believe ALTO comes from the word CONTRALTO (because it has the word ALTO in it) and therefore they believe they refer to the same, but they do not.

    Most 'altos' are actually Mezzo-sopranos AND Sopranos whom are not properly trained. And SOME 'Soprano-Classified' voices are actually true Contraltos that sing in falsetto so they uncounciously fool the untrained director that they are sopranos. But thats another story! I get too much into detail! Sorry!

    True Contraltos actually tend to feel more confortable in the TENOR section. Untrained Tenors tend to sing about a WHOLE FIFTH higher than Untrained Contraltos!

    You are a lyric voice (a mild and sweet voice as opposed to dramatic and heavy). Lyric Mezzo-soprano.

    I instantly knew a song that you fit you would be *Beautiful* from Christina Aguilera. Make your own version of it! Your voice is so sweet and mellow :)

    It would be PERFECT for you!

    Try it!

    God Bless You! May you have many blessings in music!

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    The theory i have about karaoke is that the person who's brave enough to get up on stage and sing into a microphone to a song they barely remember in the first place is WAY too drunk to either care how they sound, or, much less, know all the lyrics. I would be willing to bet that the people who put the karaoke music together tweak something about the song. These songs aren't recorded by the original artists. They are "covered" by a studio band of the karaoke company's design. Thus, the said bands are capable of altering the tempo, vocal range, and the key in which the song is written. For Example: A song that's originally written in 120 bpm tempo with a Ab - mid C range written in the key of A7 could have been altered to a 98 bpm tempo with a range of G - B re-written in A. Any of those variables can be changed during the studio arrangements. But i digress. My statistics are more theory-based than a proven fact.

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    4 years ago

    Soprano Karaoke Songs

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    Yeah, I agree with the other person, you definitely sound like a mezzo-soprano/second soprano. Your voice doesn't have the color or weight of a contralto. I'll list you some songs for mezzo-sopranos and contraltos, although you would sound much better singing in a mezzo range.

    Holiday - Madonna (mezzo-soprano)

    Memory - Barbra Streisand (mezzo-soprano)

    Paparazzi - Lady Gaga (mezzo-soprano)

    Russian Roulette - Rihanna (mezzo-soprano)

    Emotion - Destiny's Child (mezzo-soprano)

    Respect - Aretha Franklin (mezzo-soprano)

    Karma - Alicia Keys (contralto)

    Thinking of You - Katy Perry (contralto)

    Believe - Cher (contralto)

    At Last - Etta James (contralto)

    I Put a Spell On You - Nina Simone (contralto)

    Sleep to Dream - Fiona Apple (contralto)

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    You are selling your vocal range short. Most of those songs on your page have a range of only four or five notes. From the timbre and projection, I am going to suggest that you may actually be a second soprano. Try some evanescence.

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    La Isla Bonita by Madonna

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    1 decade ago

    Something simple, try Christina Aguilera or maybe Queen? You have major potential imo, dont be afraid to let loose! And put some more passion into it!

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    1 decade ago

    I think something from Taylor Swift or maybe even Miley Cyrus would suit you.

    They would be good cuz you have a nice country tone to your voice like them.

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