Should the United States call itself America?

after all the name America precedes the founding of the states, and the name formally and officially refers to both North America and South America. There are countries in America with much older origins than the United States-- as far back as 1492, while the 13 colonies were mainly settled in the 1600s. Is the U.S's calling itself America an arrogant and conceited statement of heightened self-importance?


I just wanted to see what people thought as in the Spanish speaking world the U.S.A. is referred to as Estados Unidos (United States), never America, and when speaking properly the people from U.S. are called Estado Unidense.

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    The name of our country is The United States of America. The name of Canada is the Republic of Canada, so it calls itself Canada; the name of Mexico is Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, so it calls itself Mexico; the name of Ecuador is La Republica del Ecuador, so it calls itself Ecuador; and so on. We are the only country in this hemisphere that ends its official name with "America," and we call our country America. And so do countries around the world. We called our country America, and ourselves Americans long before we were important enough to seek to "heighten" our self-importance.

    There is no ego in this, or any effort to elevate ourselves above our neighbors. It's just simpler to call and be called America rather than the United States of America.

    Give us a small break here. I have been to several countries in Latin America and everyone calls us Americanos (or gringos). They don't begrudge us our designation, so why should we?

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    The US was the first independent modern nation in the Americas. As it stands, the USA is the longest lasting current nation. Sure, the Mayans predate the modern US, the Mayan nation does not exist anymore. No current (ie modern) nation in the Americas existed before 1776 when the USA was founded.

    The US also uses America because it is convenient. All the other nations in the Americas have an easy shorthand name. For example, United Mexican States is shortened to Mexico. Federative Republic of Brazil is shortened to Brazil. Oriental Republic of Uruguay is shortened to Uruguay. What do you shorten United States of America to?

    Also, what do you call people from the US? USA-ers? Americans is the most convenient method of address.

    Besides, North America was the first to be populated. People crossed the Bering Strait during the Ice Age. The first ended up in Alaska which is part of the US. Vikings were the first Europeans to land in the New World and they landed in what is now Greenland (part of the Americas) and Newfoundland. Vikings were in what is now Canada almost 500 years before Columbus landed on Hispanola.

    If you want to debate nation etymology, talk about China. Which one deserves to be called China? The Republic of China (commonly called Taiwan or Formosa) or the People's Republic of China (commonly known as China in the West)? The ROC wants to be called China but the PRC contends that, being a renegade province (in their opinion), the ROC does not deserve the right to use China as a title.

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    North and South America are referred to as "the Americas." So, being that our group of fifty states that, for the most part, are in close proximity to each other and are all governed under the same system, we are then, the states which are united (we 50) of the region of America (the North part).

    So, yeah, the United States of America makes perfect sense. It's really not all that creative, either. More than anything, it's just a description of the geographic location of us 50 states.

    No idea where you get "conceited" and "arrogant" from. America is a location, not a status. It's no more conceited or arrogant than the Federated States of Micronesia... another bunch of states federated in a certain other location.

    Source(s): Do know much about geography.
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    10 years ago

    All everything everyone else said and...

    At the time we settled on a name for ourselves, which was long before the colonies became free and independent states, we were the only real going concern in the two continents. Canada, at the time was a French colony which would become an English colony, no different than Massachusetts, Connecticut or Virginia.

    Spanish America was little more than a loose connection of monasteries and the American Indian slave masters (farming for gold).

    The American colonies, as it were, were there only real thriving, established, colonies on the continent. No reason that would ever change, from their perspective and at the time there simply wasn't anyone else around, not related to the British crown, who would call themselves "Americans".

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    Actually the reason has nothing to do with arrogance or conceit. You see, the name of our country is The United States of America. People just shortened the it to the United States or America or just the States. I has to do with the fact that the word "America" is in the title. It is not in the title of Canada nor of Mexico nor is it in the name of any other country such as Peru or Brazil.

    The citizens of the United States called themselves Americans because of the name being part of the title. Canadians do not call themselves Americans nor do Mexicans or any South American countries' citizens.

    Not everything is our fault you know.


  • pattee
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    3 years ago

    List of in a similar way conceited international locations: Colombia - used to be Columbus ever even in Colombia? Bolivia - a few specific declare to Bolivar? Ecuador - the one nation straddling the equator? Argentina - the one nation with silver mines? So we picked a reputation at a time once we have been the one united and unbiased states in America, and we admire that "United Statesian" sounds beautiful dull. How does this detract from someone else's American-ness? The identical phrase could have distinct meanings in distinct contexts. If you desire sympathy, uncover a Greek and pay attention to them gripe approximately the ones terrible, title-stealing Macedonians. If different Americans learn conceitedness into our use of the title, possibly that is simply their insecurities?

  • Tony R
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    10 years ago

    Are you really losing sleep over something like this. It has nothing to do with some big underlining reason. It is the United States of America. No one is going to say that long title every time they need to mention it. So we just shorten it to America. It still is easy to understand because Canada, mexico, Peru, non of these would be called America, their names are totally different. We actually have America in the name of our country.

    It is in the name of the country. We don't say The People's Republic of China. It's full name in English. We just say China. I doubt Canadians say the full name either all the time. Most of the time they just say China. Saves time and energy.

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    10 years ago

    Countries didn't begin with Europeans. Sioux Nation, Aztecs, Mayans, etc...

    Civilization existed in "the America's" long before Europeans invaded.

    That being said, it's the "United States of America" and America is used as a short form. I am from the Americas and not American. I have no problem with it, it's what they call themselves. The Chinese call themselves "The Flowery Kingdom" and there are now two different countries side by side that call themselves "Congo". Aside from that, there's Hell in Norway, Condom in France and F**king in Austria.

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    10 years ago

    huh... I think its just short for USA. Its never crossed my mind as being hubris.

    BTW, its United States OF America. Think about it...

    My British friend calls me an American, and my Iraqi friend is here to get trained in "American" medicine. Theyre both very smart, and I'm sure they know why the Americas and the US were named as such. They dont mean that the US is "most significant America."

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    It's just a shortened term for the United States of America. But, you're correct, there are many other nations that are America, both North and South.

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