Have you used R-Studio Data Recovery 5.1 to recover a damaged partition and files?

I have a disk with a trashed MFT. I'm looking at R-Studio Data Recovery 5.1 build 130043 as a tool to recover my data... It supposedly got good ratings on Cnet but they aren't showing user's comments.

Has anyone used this tool or can you recommend a better one? R-Studio Data Recovery 5.1 costs $79!!!!! Ow.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I recommend you to use Wondershare Data Recovery. It has an option of Partition Recovery which is very useful to recover a damaged partition and files. And it has the option of Raw Recovery, which can deep scan your partition and find back the files which other tools may not be able to find. Most important, it's only $39.95, much cheaper.

    You can first download it for free here: http://www.data-recovery-utilities.com/data-recove... and have a try. It will show the recoverable files in a preview window. This preview window can help you decide if it's the tool you want!

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