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Why was the Libertarian Party formed?

What is the libertarian party principles (why was this party formed)?

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    1 decade ago
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    The principals of the LP focus on having the least amount of government as possible. They want the most freedoms and liberties for the individual as they can get. The ultimate, primary ideal of libertarianism (the movement, not necessarily the party) is freedom to do whatever you want provided that consenting adults are involved and force is not initiated on others.

    It was formed as an alternative for those who felt that the traditional Democrats were too economically liberal and the traditional Republicans were too socially conservative. This has since changed because the neoconservatives have taken over the GOP and the populists have taken over the Democratic party. Libertarians are economically conservative and socially liberal.

  • 1 decade ago

    Its principles are individualism, classical liberalism, and pacifism. It was formed by people that were upset with the end of the gold standard, increase regulation on trade and on your personal life, taxation without representation, and the unjust wars America has started.

    Some major Libertarian figures were Thomas Jefferson, Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand (all of which were ideological libertarians but were not party members). We are considered right wingers by the left but considered left wingers by the right. The Libertarian Party and Libertarianism itself neither right or left. We want a conservative sized government, but we are progressive in the sense that we don't care about your traditions we care about the individual. We hold non-aggression as one of our highest values, along with reason, liberty, and individualism.

    edit: Real Libertarians put a stronger emphasis on maximum liberty over limited government, though they do run hand in hand for the most part.

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    Because they want to smoke weed and do not have any empathy.

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