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Was Christianity started by white people?

I asked this early, but meant to say if it was white people who started Christianity. I know there are many different races in Christianity.

Is the Christianity a white religion?

Was it them that taught Christianity to the blacks in Africa and brought them to the states as slaves. Was it the whites that taught the Native Americans in the Americas Christianity. So does it make sense that Christianity would win out over other religions since whites tend to be the ones conquering these people.


I know there has been slavery in africa between blacks

i am part native American (dad was half white and native/ mom is mostly white.)

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    No. It was started by some people in the middle east, but you could say that some white people ruined it.

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    No no no! Christianity was probably started by the Asians in the Middle East. "Adam", supposedly the first man on earth, meant "red".

    Christianity was brought to Africa, probably forcefully, by the Europeans (or white people). I would bet though that the black slaves were not taught Christianity when they were sold. They probably just developed the religion over time.

    Then again, Christianity was forced onto the Native Americans. If they didn't go over to Christianity the Europeans would slaughter them. But usually, they weren't so lucky and were slaughtered anyways. Millions of First Nations were slaughtered when Europeans came over because they were not Christian.

    P.S. ("Christianity would win out over other religions since whites tend to be the ones conquering these people") Tell that to the other 4-5 billion people on earth with different religions that Christianity.

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    Christianity started among Jews in the Middle East. Jesus was viewed by Christians as the messiah prophesized by the Old Testament. The Jews that believed Jesus was the messiah became Christians, while the rest remained Jewish. After a century or two, Christianity had spread to Rome and by the early 300s, it was endorsed by the Roman emperor Constantine.

    As the Roman empire spread across Europe, so did Christianity. Meanwhile, the various Arab empires exiled the Jews in Israel and the Ottoman Empire eventually took control of much of the Middle East in the 1200s. Because of this, Christians tend to be of European descent and Muslims are primarily of Middle Eastern descent. When the European nations colonized the Americas and Africa, they often converted the natives to Christianity.

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    It was started by Arabs. The only reason it's predominately white today is that, after the rise of Islam in the 7th century, Africa and the Middle East became mostly Muslim, whereas Christianity dominated Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire.

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    Jewish people started Christianity...Mediterranean Jewish people...olive skinned or darker.

    Christianity was a sect of Judaism for the first hundred years or so.

    Jesus, the apostles and all the original followers were all Jewish, as was St Paul (the dude most responsible for the spread of Christianity beyond the Holy Land)

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    I've never heard anyone actually tell me that, but it does seem to be the assumption doesn't it? Yet, if you think about it just for a moment that is clearly not the case. If I were to guess, I'd imagine it's because "white men" are now one of the largest practitioners of Christianity, therefore it's origins were associated with them as well.

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    Of course that White people came up with Christianity.They had to come up with something to control other races of the world with. They couldn't take any others for the sake of conflict. And Whites believe their way is the only way of saving your Soul too.But behold for theirs is the downfall of all religions that is subject of their own.

    Source(s): Ancient Knowledge of the Universe.
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    If you have read the scriptures then you have not understood the word of the lord .I will tell you. Adam was he white was he the first man yes to both. Cain rebelled against god and killed Able his brother and for doing this God cursed Cain for his evil deeds in following the voice of the devil. The curse that God put upon Cain was black skin and all of Cain’s family were caused with Cain. for they pleasured more in following Lucifer then the did there Heavenly Father, so for this cause God cursed Cain and his family to separate Adams family from his son Cain’s. And Cain’s family moved into a place away from his father Adam. The native people before becoming native people were white also, but because they rebelled against God, God cursed them like he cursed Cain and his family, and gave the white man native skin that we see today on them. There four fathers were disobedient unto Gods commandments so God punished them and cursed them. In the begging man was all white. But because of there disobedience God cursed them that choose to follow the works of darkness.

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    *Lights up a dutch and puffs, puffs, and passes to you*. Wait my fault I don't think you need anything else as you're on some strong stuff. Jesus was Jewish as were his disciples. The Bible is a book written by Jews for Jews as is the "New Testament".

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    jesus ordained Apostles and prophets and teachers and others, his religion was Jewish Hebrew. however, he was not abstained from other cultures and Truth. He was however, rejected of the world and condemned the few religious leaders who were hypocrites and liars and thieves and murderers.

    i believe jesus was white caucasion and i believe moses was white caucasion.

    i believe Adam and Eve were white caucasion

    however i also beleive Ham was married to Egyptus. and all the Non christian religions had their originations through Ham and Egyptus.

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