How many Shamu's have there been?

I was just wondering how many Shamu's there were through the years. Wikipeda said that numerous wales use the name. I am going to Sea World soon, and just wanted to know if this one was the 5th or 25th one. I saw the original one in the late 60s. I think the last time I was there was in the 70s. if anyone knows that would be great. Thanks

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    There has only been one official Shamu throughout Sea World's history. Shamu was captured in 1965 in Puget Sound and moved to an aquarium and later moved to Sea World San Diego in late 1965. She performed from 1965-1971 when she attacked a trainer, and then died in August of 1971. Sea World calls the orcas performing in the show Shamu, Namu, Ramu, and Baby Shamu all though all of the orcas have individual names. Over the years, Sea World has owned a total of 28 orcas in total. So the next Shamu you see could be any of the whales currently at the Sea World Park you visit.

    A complete list of every orca that Sea World parks have ever had in captivity:

    1) Corky - Sea World California

    2) Katina - Sea World Florida

    3) Kasatka - Sea World California

    4) Ulises - Sea World California

    5) Tillikum - Sea World Florida

    6) Bingo - Sea World Japan

    7) Kalina - Sea World Florida

    8) Stella - Sea World Japan

    9) Oscar - Sea World Japan

    10) Orkid - Sea World Californai

    11) Kayla - Sea World Florida

    12) Taima - Sea World Florida

    13) Takara - Sea World Texas

    14) Kyuquet - Sea World Texas

    15) Keet - Sea World Texas

    16) Unna - Sea World Texas

    17) Lovey - Sea World Japan

    18) Sumar - Sea World California

    19) Tuar - Sea World Texas

    20) Lara - Sea World Japan

    21) Nakai - Sea World California

    22) Kalia - Sea World California

    23) Trua - Sea World Florida

    24) Ran II - Sea World Japan

    25) Nalani - Sea World Florida

    26) Malia - Sea World Florida

    27) Earth - Sea World Japan

    28) Takara's calf (not sure of the name) - Sea World Texas

    The orcas currently at Sea World San Diego are: Corky, Kasatka, Ulises, Orkid, Sumar, Nakai, and Kalia

    The orcas currently at Sea World Florida are: Katina, Kalina, Tilikum, Taima, Kayla, Trua, Nalani, and Malia

    The orcas currently at Sea World Texas are: Takara, Takara's Calf, Kyuquot, Keet, Unna, and Tuar

    The orcas currently at Sea World Japan are: Bingo, Oscar, Stella, Lovey, Lara, Ran II and Earth

    Source(s): Sea World San Diego Annual Pass Holder and ocean life enthusiast.
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    Shamu Family Tree

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    In '87 I went to Sea World in Fla and saw Shamu(19th). Then in '94 I went to the Sea World in San Diego And Saw Shamu but i dont remember what # he was.Im sure they would tell u if u ask.

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    Too many. We must stop supporting these cruel practices, once people stop supporting Sea World, they will go out of business and less animals will be hurt.

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    i dont think they capture them anymore thats probably illeagel i think they are born in captivity


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