I have a metal slinky, could i do some cool things with it using electricity?

I don't know what kind of metal. They only thing i remember was I once watched an episode of "The Colony" when one guy used a metal coil or something and was able to generate ozone. If you must know, the slinky is a little more than an inch in diameter and with about 100 spirals. Any cool ideas?


please no life threatening answers or anything that could damage the house.

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    One pretty simple thing to do is to run a current through it and watch it twitch. Lay it out horizontally on a smooth, hard, nonconducting surface, stretch it just a little so there are small spaces between the turns, and briefly make wire connections from the ends of the slinky to the terminals of a battery. It should visibly contract. I don't know the resistance of your slinky, so I don't know what voltage you should try, but I'd start with a single cell, preferably big like a C-cell or a D-cell, and just make a momentary connection. You want to get a current pulse of 5 Amps or so. If the single cell is too weak, try 2 or 3 in series. Since the current in each turn of the coil goes in the same direction, the turns attract each other (see ref. 1).

    Here's another, but it isn't electrical. Listen to your slinky cry its heart out. See ref. 2. Since you have the small version, you'll need to figure out some way to couple it to the cup, but some glue might help.

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  • puita
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    Get somebody to hold one end... lower back away, stretching it each and each of how out... and then enable pass... it will hit 'em like a cannonball... good for a huge abdomen snigger...and an emergency room pass to...

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  • 1 decade ago

    stick it in an outlet

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