What are the best stocks for the long run?

Please motivate your answer based on fundamentals and NOT on technicals.


When I said fundamentals I meant things like P/E, P/B, Total Debt, Current Ratio, Revenue Growth.........etc.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The best stocks consistently change so you need to switch out from time to time. However companies like Pepsi, Coke, Procter & Gamble, even financials or healthcare or technology in general do very well for the long term. Tech has been a comeback story lately and as companies start using the next new technology wi-fi 4 or ipad or the latest cell computer technology you have a chance to exponentially make money with the new companies software and gadgets.

    Apple Ipad for instance may change the revenue model for electronic books, songs, magazines, newspapers and web television or movies by adding a new store similar to iTunes. The amount of new wealth creation will be in the billions of dollars. New companies will be created to get a piece of the pie.

    Fundamentals also consistently change since it's a forecast or looking at historic numbers. However look at companies that are rapidly growing revenue or sales. Look at the fastest companies list - Google or Facebook

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