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what does poet Allen Ginsberg,"whoever controls the media-the image-controls the culture.", mean?

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    I would assume it is referring to how greatly the media effects society, so in saying that whoever controls the media -the image- controls the culture Allen Ginsberg means that Whoever controls the media also controls the culture because the media so greatly impacts us as a society. I hope I could help.

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    Allen Ginsberg Images

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    ginsberg and the beat poets in general were hella anti-conformity, especially since they were writing in the 1950s when american culture was pretty homogeneous for the most part

    so yeah, basically he's saying that the media manipulates people

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    I am an Indian,our culture is varied with different caste,food,dress,etc,

    My culture mean to me is to care all forms of life equally and there is no difference in religion,so we are animals and we need to help each other.

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