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? asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsCancer · 1 decade ago

9 year old with stage 3 high-risk neuroblastoma?


My friends little brothers best friend Dayton was diagnosed with Stage 3 high-risk neuroblastoma in his stomach/lymph nodes/etc. in July 2009

the doctors removed most of the tumor then he underwent intensive chemo and a stem-cell transplant which he just completed.

He is home now and will have radiation. Then he will (hopefully) be in remission because his recent scans all showed NED (no evidence of disease).

However I have read that it is very very common for high-risk neuroblastoma to come back, and how there is below a 5% chance of survival if it does. Does anyone know of any survivors that were diagnosed at this old of an age??? Thank you.


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  • april
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    1 decade ago
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    Patients with Stage 2B or 3 Neuroblastoma over the age of 1 year have a survival rate of approximately 50% to 70%. Those younger than 1 year of age have a cure rate of around 80%.

    But, if he is high risk, his prognosis is poor. Stem cell or bone marrow transplant?? I ask because I would think it would be bone marrow according to most successful treatment for his type.

    The dr should also be checking into clinical trials, as they have some ongoing now.

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