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Stupid question but, the confederate flag stands for racism right?

Ok so I probably stand so stupid, but thats what it stands for right.

I ask because I was going through peoples myspace pictures and a girl has a picture of a cofederate flag that says "the south will rise again!" and her twin sister commented on

someones picture saying "I love the confederate flag bathing suit!"

I was absolutely amazed since I thought that it stood for racism.

Makes me wanna slapp a *****.


Oops that was supposed to say sound, i started out saying something else sorry.

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    it doesnt "stand for racism", it "stands" for the south, the confederacy.

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    I am a southern rights activist in central Florida. I strive to educate people on the true events that occurred from 1861 to 1865. However, most citizens of this great country will not only disbelieve what we preach to all of America but will not even take the time to listen to what has to be preached.

    My great great grandfather died in the war...along with 500000 other southern Americans and I do not know how anyone could possibly believe for one second that all of those men suffered and bled for four long hard years just to own a few slaves.

    The south was an independent nation that was invaded and pillaged by a strict and brutal military regime commanded by officers who hated with a passion everything that the south was and so they sought to destroy it. The majority of people do not see it that way but do not mistake like they do for that is the way it was. It is just like Martin Luther King once said "Truth crushed to earth will rise again" President Jefferson Finis Davis(president of the confederacy) also said those words in 1865 while on trial for war crimes. "I did not think it was a war crime to protect you're country and people from terrorists" he also said in that trial in which the jury was entirely made up of Yankees.

    Here is a quote from a confederate soldier.

    "I suffered more hardships and trials and faced more dangers after the war was over and peace had been declared than I had ever encountered during my four years of service. I have slept on high eminences in order to watch out for scouring search parties who were slaughtering every man who still wore the southern uniform. The night horizon is lit up with the burning houses and farms of my friends who's only offense was that they were soldiers in the confederate army. Fear of death consumes me night and day but now that i have lost everything from my family to my country...there is nothing left for me to do but die."

    --A TEXAN

    The truth isn't what you will read in history books. The spoils of war belong to the victorious and the spoils included writing the history books.

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    No, It was just one of the flags of The Confederate States of America when they seceded from the Union. I guess people would attribute it with racism because of the Civil War, even though the Civil War initially wasn't fought over slavery. It was fought to preserve the Union.

    Source(s): American History class
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    It doesn't stand for racism, wherever did you get this idea from.

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    Yes, you do "stand" stupid. Try to practice correcting your posture.

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    yes it does!!! im part hispanic me 2!! im on ur side shes a *****!!!

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