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what is ptc site, its are real are they paid mony which is show?

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    Like everyone else said prior, PTC sites just pay for clicks on ads they provide. They don't pay very well but it's free money! I got paid like two dollars from neobux but it took forever! I have a blog that goes into more detail which sites are legit and which are not. Check it out.

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    PTC Means Pay To Click.

    These sites will pay you an average of one cent to view an ad for 30 seconds. They bank on the fact that you will quit before reaching the minimum pay out. Most sites ARE scams. But there is always the diamond in the rough =)

    I use


    It is awesome! let me explain.

    If you're into PTC then they have an option called Cash Click. There are about 40 links that pay 5 cents each! they can be done once a day. This site is free to join. The only stipulation is that in order to receive payment with them you must meet the $20 min payout through other means (not cash clicks) like cash offer, surveys, etc. It is VERY easy to do this. I am now passing the $400 paid mark and am more than happy with this site's community and interactive plot.

    Definitely would recommend

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    What Is Ptc Site

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    PTC means Paid TO Click

    they pay/give you to view small ads on their site $ 0.01 per ad view

    payment is done via paypal/alertpay when you reach their minimum payment limit $2/$10

    each site has different payout limit

    you can also earn by referring your friends

    normally they have 4-6 ads to view in a day

    two sites which i know are not fake are



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    very few if any are legit

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