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What hotels are by Petco Park in San Diego?

I'm trying to plan a trip to see the Padres play in San Diego and need a hotel close to the park. I've been looking for an hour and can't find or figure out how to find inexpensive hotels in the area. Every hotel only lists Legoland, Sea World, San Diego Zoo... as the nearby attractions, none have Petco Park as an option. Maybe the park isn't very popular? I am not familiar with the area so I don't know even where the park is in the city. Just typing "San Diego" isn't specific enough, because it is so big. Any help would be great! Thanks.

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    Google Maps.

    "Petco Park"

    Show search options --> Businesses

    "hotels near Petco Park"


    Amazing thing, this World Wide Web. You can look up almost anything.

    Looks like the Omni San Diego is the very closest, just footsteps away across Tony Gwynn Drive.

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    10 years ago

    Petco is in downtown San Diego, (the Gaslamp District to be exact). There are many hotels, but not really inexpensive.

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    Umm go to google and type in hotels near PETCO Park and you should find some there

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    seem on priceline for gaslamp area for solid bargains. observe additionally - there is an exceptionally solid trolley device in downtown. we bypass from north county, park at Qualcomm (the charger stadium) and take the trolley in. you additionally can take the trolley from old city which has an extraordinarily great transit end besides as cheap motels and a few great eating places. the tricky rock inn is likewise suited around the line from qualcomm. additionally in case you have an AAA card get a tourbook which has solid downtown inn maps.

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