What does "lah" mean in Singapore?

...and when can I use it? When is the appropiate time to use it?

Give an example of someone saying it in a sentence.


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    Here are some context.

    American: "Come here you fool!

    that sounds rule.

    "Come here la", sounds like "Would you PLEASE come here?!


    Ï don't have it Lah!" means "I REALLY don't have it!


    Let's go lah" means "Can we GET going!

    So it is really a 'stress' on the action verb.

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    Like that lah. Very easy one lah. But, hor, make sure you don't mix it up with 'loh' lah.

    okay, basically, it's for emphasis of 1, simplicity (just look there lah!) or 2, annoyance (let's go lah!)

    you can put it most anywhere, but try to understand it more or it'll sound strange.

    Another thing, it makes the sentence more or less harsh depending on how you use it. for example, FASTER LAH!! is harsh while come here lah is not so. however, you can put it anywhere if you adopt a 'singaporean' accent as that will get everyone to laugh. in this case, the lah has no meaning other than to make your speech sound informal (VERY INFORMAL. DO NOT TRY THIS IN FORMAL CONTEXTS)

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    I'm assuming that when you ask about the "lah" you are referring to the use of it in Mandarin- as Mandarin is the official language of Singapore. It is used at the end of the sentence as we would use something like "hey?" or "okay?" but not asking a question more like looking for confirmation.

    As in "you are coming with me to play football today, hey (lah)?"

    Or "I'm good lah". The only thing here is that the use of the word in this way is actually more Cantonese than Mandarin.

    I think you may be thinking of "le". Which, when used in Mandarin, means that the action has been completed. There are no past tense words in Mandarin, so "le" is used after the verb to say that is has been completed.

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    Well, maybe you will hear ma, mae and lah is just dialect expression and cannot be any meaning in the Dictionary.

    Is there a Singapore dictionary ?

    Say anywhere you like only those can understand what you are saying are Singaporeans.

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    If its spoken by a Chinese,chances are they are speaking Hokkien.Not suprising,given Singapore's majority Hokkien dialect.If that being the case,yes it does mean,No Teats or Flat chested.Bo is dont have..Ni refers to Milk or Breasts. Inversely,if they say Tua Ni.it means Big breasted

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    Actually Malay is the official language of Singapore,except nobody really cares and since most of the time we speak english to one another,english has become the unofficial language.

    ok here's an example...

    Guy A: ''Hey,want to watch movie together?''

    Guy B:''Ok lah,when?''


    Guy A:''Hey come to my house this saturday to party lah''

    Guy B:Ok lah,what time ah?''

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    5 years ago

    Singapore is a country. Boni?Do you mean Bini? If it is Bini..then it refers to Wife in the Malay language..

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    "Lah" is a reserved word for meant for Singaporean only.

    Non-Singaporean using it will be fined, jailed and a few stroke of the tottan on your hides

    So don`t ever use it Okay!

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    I first heard of this on the youtube channel OTGW, and they use it in Mandarin.

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    It means that you would like to do unspeakable things to the person you're speaking to

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