Innacurate Glucose reading?

If my hands are just a slight bit damp and not bone dry when I test my blood sugar, will that give me an innaccurate read? This morning it read 112, then I tried it again 30 seconds later on a different finger and dried my hands even more, and it was 81. What's the deal? BTW, I have GD.

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  • Gary B
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    simply DAMP would not cause a problem, but if your hands had drops of water on them, then this COULD cause a problem. But usually that causes a LOWER reading, not a higher one.

    You need to understand some simple facts about blood testing:

    1) The handheld meters are NOT 100% accurate. That is why they only cost about $75, and the manufacture often give them away. To be more accurate (like the doctor's office) the meters would cost $500!

    TYPICAL accuracy in a home blood meter is +/- 10 points. That means if your absolute blood sugar reading is 100, your home meter MIGHT read anything from 90 to 110. However, your particular meter will always be the same accuracy, so this is not a problem. For TREATING diabetes you don;t care what the 100% accurate reading is -- you only need to know if your blood sugar is UP or DOWN.

    The test strips can also make a difference. Each test strip is slightly different from the others in the box, and they also contribute a small margin of error, about +/- 5 points.

    2) Your blood sugar reading WILL change on a second-by second basis, depending on what you are doing and when you last ate. Only on rather rare occasions will you take two reading that close and get exactly the same value! but in your case, a 30-point difference IS a bit much. . . .

    Considering that the meter is not 100% accurate (for that, you need a blood sample taken and sent to a lab), and your blood sugar reading DOES vary, a 30-point difference is not entirely out of the question.

    But note this: BOTH of your reading are NORMAL! Neither reading you got shows any problem, and in fact BOTH reading show that whatever you are doing must be working. KEEP IT UP!

    Next time, make sure your hands are dry before testing, but otherwise take ONE reading, not two.

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    Gary's right - usually water will lower a reading. That being said, if your soap has glycerin or any kind of fragrance in it, it's possible that soapy residue bumped up your first reading and that your second reading dropped because you'd wiped off the soap. Also, both of those numbers are probably within your meter's margin of error. Statistically, they're both correct. Sad, huh? Like Gary said, though, they're both excellent numbers, so congratulations!

  • crabbs
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    This is an excessively low glucose studying. Get a few glucose (sugar) or meals in you to elevate it as much as a degree among 70 and one hundred. Try to maintain the glucose as much as among 70 and one hundred.

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