what does this mean? i can't decide?

I have a friend who I met online at a dating site. He is older than me, and he said that he thought my profile was interesting but he wasn't interested in my romantically. Okay, that was 4 years ago now. A few months after we had started talking, I met my current bf ... This person I'm talking about I've met a few times in real life. He said he just liked talking to people who had something to talk about. 2 years ago I had a child, and after that we kind of haven't e-mailed each other as much. I admit that for the first year or so I was so frazzled that I wanted to sleep more than communicate at the end of the day (which I have apologized for to all of my online friends, which really are few and between anymore because I dont' have lots of time to e-mail). Anyways, I had kind of given up on keeping the online friendship up, i figured maybe i wasn't so interesting anymore that my world consists of the things a 2 year old does/likes. :P Well, out of the blue, he e-mailed me on valentines day. He didn't say happy valentines day or anything, but still it was sent on that day. So I guess, he must have been thinking about me? So maybe he misses talking to me? i don't know. does it mean anything at all? I'd like to write back and forth more, but I don't want to be (? i don't know what the word I am looking for is).


Reice - your pronouns are confusing...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You want to write back and forth more without being blunt, harsh or seemingly rude.

    You just want to connect and express your care and love.

    This whole thing means that your friend wants you to decide what their bond is, whether it is a freindship or relationship. that's why they were so off and on. Even though, at first, she really meant it as a normal friendship !!!! but then the first day they met, she had a crush on him. and that sucked for her, because she was trying to be normal and instead she is loopy in love. lol..

    It just meant that your older friend just wanted to make sure that he had a good few months and years to still figure out if she should date her or not. He thought that the friendship was simply a "sisterhood" connection because she were acting so girly, both in person and online.

    It confuses us guys, sometimes. We can't read minds.

    But psychotic minds are appealing to us ....even if we can't explain why.

    * For girls, being so girlie only means " i care about you " in general.

    But when she does it him, it really means " i care about you and plz share your softer side with me"

    When " she's frazzled " and " wants to snore zzz more than communicate, then it means that she's

    trying to gather her books to class while trying to getting dressed for the day. and when the day is done, her friend seems like he does not want to talk to her, so i might as well catch a long nap."

    * she really can use it sometimes. lol.

    * You were always interesting. She just didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable by emailing alot. but then when she didn't email alot, she'd get fussed at that she's not paying attention to him and ignoring him, when really, all of her lines of communication are open. she's just not forcing him to do anything he feels uncomfortable in doing .


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    your in control here wont hurt to say hello that will cost you nothing.

    just ask he is doing etc . see what he has to say .

    don't lead him into anything and don't be led either as i said your in control.

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