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Watching television while studying abroad in London?

I will be getting the oppurtunity to travel abroad to London during the summer and will be taking a 5 week course at the Queen Mary University of London campus. I am very interested in foreign media and was wondering if I will be able to watch television there. I would be interested in watching the news and other programs during nights or times when I am unable to explore the country. If I take my small flat screen television with me will I be able to use it there? do you have to have an antennae or something? Any answers would be appreciated!


If I bring my computer will I be able to watch television that way?

Update 2:

Thanks for the replies. I will just watch TV over the internet. How I can I buy a license for one month? Can I buy it once I get there and if so will it kick in immediatly? If not can I buy it from America?

Update 3:

Again, Thank you for the replies! One more Question: Am I able to stream live television on my computer as it is right now? It's a brand new toshiba. If I watch prerecorded shows will I need to purchase a license?

I will be arriving in London on the 8th of July, so I'm afraid I will miss that ceremony but please feel free to let me know if there are any other things I should look forward to while there. I will be there until Aug 8th. Also feel free to inform me of any other big celebrations in Europe that I will be in town for. I'm looking forward to Bastille Day in France and I'm up for backpacking whereever it takes to see as much as I can while there!

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, but you will need to pay for a TV license (about £20 a month) to do it legally. Usualy at QM there is a TV in the kitchen and the student union room.

    With an antennae you can pick up channels 1-5, you will need what we call a 'freeview box' (a £100 add-on) to pick up 'freeview' (which has all the good TV, and about 40 extra channels)

    Alternatively (and I would recommend) you use which is free live streaming of all our channels online. Also websites like 4OD and BBCiPlayer have ALL the best shows for free online. You should get free internet with your room and in the QM library there is free wifi. So for the cheapest and easiest option, use the internet.

    Source(s): I have friends at QMUOL
  • 5 years ago

    I did one better than that. I wrote books that were published while at work with the phone ringing, people coming in and out of my office and constant chatter of others all around me. And yes, as a student, I could study in a boiler factory. I had the ability to tune out anything; background sound never bothered me. The only thing I can't do is talk and study .. except talk to myself. I learn by speaking the words because it engages two extra senses in the learning process. Sound and emotion. Actors always learn their parts by reciting them and can memorize a 150 page script in an evening once they get the technique down. And most actors are not famous for having distinguished minds.

  • 1 decade ago

    To be able to watch any tv programmes here in the UK, whether on a tv or a computer, you must purchase a TV licence. Our voltage is different here so you would have to have some sort of converter/adaptor otherwise your equipment might fry.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You can unblock most geo restricted website in any country and watch BBC, ITV, NBC etc from all countries if you install takes a few minutes and allows anonymous browsing and downloading and unblocking of all websites.

    Source(s): See to start using this.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You most certainly can watch TV while here in London, in fact, you can watch UK TV right where you are this very minute. Here below are some UK TV links - first all the BBC TV Channels. . . .

    BBC iPlayer - see programmes you missed

    ITV Player - see programmes you missed

    Worldwide TV at this link below - hundreds of thousands of free channel to choose from.

    Insdoor TV arials/antenna

    You did not say 'when' you'll be here in London. So, if you are going to be here in June, then you must see the Queen's Birthday Parade 2010 - every year in June. Here it is called "Trooping the Colour" you can find out more the link below. . . .

    If you cannot get tickets, you can still see most of the parade for free, that is, the March On and then the March Off - to do this all you do is join the crowds lining the Mall.

    Here's part of what you'll see if you join the crowds and stand in the Mall for the Queen's Birthday Parade.

    Welcome to London - Your City

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    with an antennae you will be able to pick up the bbc and a couple of others

    but you may as well just watch it online

  • 1 decade ago

    If you watch TV over the internet you don't need a licence. It's free.

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