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how correctly install programs in Mac OS X?

I mean the procedure: download dmg, click right button,...

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    The vast majority of programs are simple to both install and uninstall. You download the disk image file, DMG for short, open it, then click and drag the application file to the applications folder. If you want to remove it later, drag it to the trash can, as there are no other files to remove or uninstall.

    Some DMGs are packaged with installers, these are often called pkg files. Run the installer and accept the terms and conditions. It should be working now. Finally, to remove pkg installed files, there will either be an uninstaller, or you can try something like CleanMyMac, which helps you uninstall files and attached dependancies, either should remove it fine.

  • Download the DMG, and either drag the Application to the Applications folder or run the installer, depending on the App.

    CD-based programs often use an installer instead of drag and drop installation. Some CD-based programs also require the disc in the drive to use (especially games).

    Uninstallation is the same basic procedure - either Trash the App or run its uninstaller.

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    1. download .dmg

    2. double click on it.

    3. drag and drop to the application folder.

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