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    I lived from the childhood in a big family, lived in 14 person of big families, let me very early then understand that the community life the interactive way, how as well as did treat people handles matters and watches a person's every mood, because paternal grandmother the family belonged compares the countryside place, did not have the vehicles, therefore before my on preschool, already had not learned to ride the bicycle, but will ride the bicycle everywhere to stroll since childhood, gradually raised not the bad physical strength, as well as lively active individuality.   After entering the high school, participates in activity which many schools manage, for example: Military song competition, production brigade relay, the recitation contests, the cheering team competition, the mother tongue ballad competition, slaughter of dragon congress the Jin Yong also has English modern drama competition and so on. In participates in these active in the process, caused me to learn many things. In English modern drama, I play one to dance teacher, how teaches the audiences to dance diligently, but our modern drama also in this competition, obtains entire school third. But in the slaughter dragon big game, seizes entire school first at one fell swoop. Under these activities acquire fame, enables me to have the confidence facing the following challenge, regardless in the schoolwork perhaps after school activity, I whole-heartedly, also will continue enrichment own connotation, and will make up the weakest English, will greet well picks the varied university lives.

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    本中心提供市價 約6.5折 中英文件翻譯優惠服務, 此梯次活動時間至2010年3月31日止, 主要範圍包含: 學術英文,商用英文,升學英文,求職英文及留學英文等項目, 敬請把握!!

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  • When I am a child,I live in a family living in a 14 peple family, let me know early on to live in groups interact, and how to treat people to handle things and how the wind blows, because Grandma belong to the more rural places, than those without vehicles , so I have not yet pre-kindergarten, they have learned to ride a bicycle, while riding a bicycle since childhood will be wandering around the passage of time to cultivate the non-poor physical strength, as well as lively personality.

    After high school, many schools participate in organized activities, such as: Song of the games, relay, poetry competitions, cheerleading competitions, mother tongue songs competition, Jin Yong's Dragonslayer The Conference would also English drama competition and so on. Involved in the course of these activities, so I learned a lot. In the English drama, I am playing with a dance teacher, and strive to teach the audience how to dance, drama and we are also in this game, get the third school. Competition in the Bravo, but also the whole school in one fell swoop grabbed the first. Under the name of these activities made me more confident to face the next challenge, whether in academic or extracurricular activities of the time, I will go all out and will continue to enrich the connotation of its own, and make up their own weakest in English, good to meet the colorful university life.


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