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麻煩一下各位大大 這影片裡的歌名叫什麼 是誰唱的 感激

Update 2:

上面那網址有錯 應該是下面這個 謝啦


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    曲名: Back In The Mud:

    演唱: Bubba Sparxxx

    專輯: Deliverance (2003)


    歌詞連結: (完整歌詞補充如下)





    拜託請不要提出載點要求,這樣您與我都會被扣點並被記錄 。 


    2010-02-20 17:07:12 補充:



    1,2,3, let's go


    Back in the mud I've been in

    I confess, I'm so happy here

    There's nothing you can do to make me stay away, away, away

    2010-02-20 17:07:22 補充:

    [Verse 1]

    He's just that country boy, city slick, pit bull temperament

    At the Pony, at the Flame, either way it's an event

    If it's me consider it more than a coincidence

    Even though they mumble at me sucka's keep they distances

    2010-02-20 17:07:37 補充:

    Barber K, hey, what's that, they say

    Hip hop redneck that's a safe place

    Say what makes you comfortable

    Wit me cuz I like it here

    How about a rural dwelling urban music pioneer

    2010-02-20 17:07:47 補充:

    Turn it up, let it bang, run wit me I bet you can't

    Took too much to make it float, never will I let it sink

    So when we invented it for our youth and generous

    Hopin' that my moment passed, I can see no end of it

    Twenty-five, livin' like I was born yesterday

    2010-02-20 17:07:58 補充:

    Lovin' life, doin' right, earnin' every breath I take

    Standin' in the mud again cuz it seem to pay me well

    Playin' wit my not-so-distant cousins from the A-T-L



    [Verse 2]

    Press it up, ship it out, call the Pony, rent it out

    Everything I am today is really what I been about

    2010-02-20 17:08:09 補充:

    Athens, Georgia resident, native of LaGrange though

    I don't love the peach state, "Buddy, say it ain't so"

    Now all of a sudden, in fact, it's quite the opposite

    I'm lovin' y'all from Brunswick up to the metropolis

    Can't forget about my Betty Betty in Dahlonega

    2010-02-20 17:08:19 補充:

    They put the triple X's at the end of Andy's moniker

    How could I run from everything that made me

    Know that all the love I get's appreciated greatly

    Now I'm on the brink of something truly inconceivable

    Bubba's international but still he kept it regional

    2010-02-20 17:08:41 補充:

    Tryin' to make my mama proud

    We can laugh and see the smile

    Gotta make sure loaded gun, this next CD is in your file

    Each and everyone of my talented associates get's what they deserve

    Nothin' short of that's appropriate


    2010-02-20 17:08:50 補充:

    [Verse 3]

    Kitchen cup, fill it up, sober don't appeal to us

    If you're broke do what you can, that alone is still enough

    Help us out, if you're rich, cuz we funna hit your bitch

    Just stop by the store and grab a case of that and six of this

    Hey Betty, get ready cuz your daddy's in route

    2010-02-20 17:09:01 補充:

    Let her join the beat club, keep that little trim out

    Have her screamin' "New South" without pullin' "lewd" out

    He always wonder what you doing, let him wonder who now

    At the end of the day I would have no regrets

    2010-02-20 17:09:10 補充:

    Got it done on every front and I ain't even focused yet

    At the bottom of the pile swimmin' wit them mud cats

    If you die, man I'm pullin' "soowee" for a grudge match

    Spell it out, L-E-G, E-N-D I still believe

    2010-02-20 17:09:14 補充:

    Whatever goal God set for me indeed I will achieve

    In this life or in the next, whether drinkin' gin or Beck's

    Bubba funna bring it home, conceal it, and send the checks

    [Chorus x2]

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