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Why does Egypt look way smaller than Ontario on Google Maps, when they are approximately the same size?

go to www.maps.google.com, zoom out, and look at Ontario, Canada, and Egypt, Africa.

Egypt looks way smaller than Ontario. However their actual sizes are almost the same:

Egypt: 1 Million Sq. KM

Ontario: 1.1 Million Sq. KM

I know the scale distance scale on the bottom changes automatically when you go to different parts of the map, but why did Google make this discrepancy. I just chose Egypt as an example, but it's any country in Africa, Europe, or Asia, really. It makes North America look huge and the rest of the world, small in comparison.

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    The same reason that Greenland looks like it's the size of Australia, and Alaska could swallow the Lower 48 -- when you try to project a three-dimensional surface onto a two-dimensional surface, there's going to be distortion as you move away from whatever you've chosen as the equatorial plane.

    On a three-dimensional sphere for science class, notice that the distance between lines of longitude narrows from equator to pole until they eventually all come together at the axial point. But when you spread it out on a table... obviously those lines of longitude have to come apart. As the distance between longitude expands, the area on the map must necessarily stretch -- this then gets latitude involved as well, morphing the map even further out of shape.

    So the farther north you go (or south, same thing), the abnormally large the area gets screwed up. So in your case, that's why Ontario, which is at a much higher latitude, appears larger than the equal-area Egypt.

    It's just a problem of projection, one that people have been trying to deal with using different map-types ever since the first mariners noticed that the problem existed.

    Source(s): Experienced geologist.
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    there is 2 reasons, 1 is because, the satellite taking the pictures orbit around the equator, so thus countries near the equator will appear slightly smaller and countries towards the poles will be bigger due to the fact that the picture is taken at an angle (and not looking straight down)

    the 2nd reason, the bigger reason, is that google maps (if you actually spread it out), the map is a square. however the earth is round. that means on google earth, the map projection, in order to represent something in 3D on a 2D surface, will be distorted (for accurate scaling measurements).. thus the farther you go towards the poles, the bigger it will be.


    You can see visually how the images are taken and how the map is scaled.

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