United States Democracy failing in the future?

First off, I am a Junior in High School. Today, in my AP US History class, my teacher opened up a brief discussion on how successful Democracy has been. He opened a new possibility that I have never thought of: The United States Democracy failing us in the future.

Well, two major Democratic societies are well known in history, the Roman Empire and the Greeks. Both existed for a long time but soon after time, they were taken over. Well the United States was about the 12th most powerful nation coming into WW2. Its only until after WW2, roughly 65 years ago, the US emerged as the most powerful nation.

In times of problems happening within a country, someone has been in power for a while. FDR for the Great Depression & WW2, Hitler for Germany, Stalin for the USSR, Mao for China, and etc.

My question to you is an opinion question. Do you think our democracy will fail us? Do you think soon we may not be the most powerful country or we may turn into another form of government? Or the way our government is set up, we will be powerful for a long time.


Okay, Representative Republic, if you wanna be critical.

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    The United States is not a democracy. It is a Republic. (And to the Republic, for which it stands). Please watch this short video for a good explanation.


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    I am worried about your teacher. He/she seems to have a leftist bent and if so he will distort the truth to favor big government and socialism. To even compare us to Hitler's Germany, Mao's China and Stalin's USSR is comparing apples and dump trucks. See this link to see how many of their citizens they murdered. http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/DBG.TAB1.2.GIF These numbers are in thousands, so where you see 169,202...That is 169,202,000...169 million people people killed by their own government!

    Our country is based on Individual Rights that all humans have, and NO MAN OR GOVERNMENT can take away. The government does not give or take Rights (Unless yo violate the Rights of another). You are born with them. Look over the Bill of Rights, especially the amendment 9. It points out that you have Rights that are not listed in the bill or Rights. It is what is so Great about this country.

    But Germany, China and USSR starved or murdered their own people...Violated their Right to Life...China murdered 45,000,000. That is equal to 11 out of every 100 people people in this country.

    Rome was close to us as you see in the first link. and it's problem is what we have today. To many people want to take from the productive people in this country and give it to the non productive. Our government is so busy taking from the workers, and running us into debt, that you and your children will have to pay.


    And for the genius...The Tea Party is not about the rich and is there to reduce out of control government and get the politicians to follow the LAW OF THE LAND, The Constitution. It is sad how an uninformed clown can state the purpose of the Tea Party. He is a liar and does not know what he is talking about.

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    This depends, greatly I might add, on how well the American people understand their Constitution and then on how respectfully those in government treat our blueprint for democracy. If schools fail to teach consistently, our countries true history and the importance of the Constitution, and of course what is contained within it, from a non biased perspective, our peoples government may be subverted and it's importance diminished. We must have faith trust and and a firm belief in our Constitution and our nation, as a force for good not evil, then when those who come along to malign and misrepresent who we truly are we can stand firm as a people and not succumb to the lies of a better or different government, knowing that although we may not be perfect this is the best there is, and that's not bad. TILLY: You should bring up what your teacher told you to a parent and the principal. She doesn't sound like she should be teaching.

    Source(s): "Many forms of government have been tried and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends Democracy is perfect or all-wise. Instead it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government EXCEPT all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." - Sir Winston Churchill.
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    We run more of a chance of that happening if we bankrupt ourselves by chasing those 'numerous' terrorists over half the world. Look at it this way, they spend around $100,000 on tickets and training to knock down the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and whatever other target they had in mind. We have, under the idea that we are getting the terrorists, spent $500Billion just in Iraq, and they didn't attack us. Toss in another $200 Billion for Afghanistan, and another $200billion for airport security and spotty port checks, and border guards and paperwork. At least eight hundred billion and they only spend one hundred thousand. Great odds, they don't have to attack us, all they have to do is put something out on a website and we blow another six or seven million in overtime for cops. And with all that, you can still walk over the Mexican border at will. We need to sharpen our focus, and let the Iraqis fight it out, get the man responsible for 9/11 Bin Ladin, and develope an alternative fuel for cars and machinery with all the effort we put into the Manhattan project. Then we will not have to worry about a crazed bunch of fanatics in a sandbox. And we won't go broke doing it.

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    it will last as long as we the people care to make it last.

    BTW, your teach is wrong. We are not a democracy we are a Constitutional Representative Republic with a very limited Federal Government. A big part of the problem is that we the people have not kept the Fed on the short leash which our founders gave us in the Constitution.

    Right now, It is kind of like an unruly St Bearnard Dog, off the leash, wreaking not only the house but the garden, flower beds and lawn as well. We need some courageous Governors, State legislatures, and Congressmen to put that undisciplined mutt back on the short leash of the enumerated powers of the Constitution.

    edit to John Gault, the table you gave us is very enlightening. thank you, I am sharing it again here.


    Source(s): The Constitution.
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  • honestly I don't think we are too far away from a melt down -- we spend way too much on war -- the same thing the USSR did and to the same people for god sakes. They know it even bin laden has stated it. But the interest that be heavily push these wars

    then we got the Tea Partiers rallying to save the rich -- so the notion of actually paying for the war is never going to happen unless we cut back our entire infrastructure and that will be a huge loss for everyone -- in this global economy you compete with infrastructure or cheap labor -- and every country worth noting is starting to catch up or pass us in infrastructure

    Then add in all the corruption and that terrible terrible supreme court decision -- I don't see how corporatism that we are heading into can be a good thing -- they are global companies and they will just use us and leave when it gets ugly

    The notion of taxing or tariffs or any regulation or breaking up monopolies is almost impossible to pass in washington because lobbying is insane and the media giants don't care because they are part of the show too -- The courts have even ruled that they have the legal right to lie (google, media can lie)

    edit: that always pisses me off when they talk about it being a republic over a democracy -- yet they don't have the slightest clue what socialist means and they play that word wrong like broken piano -- the Neo Cons are absolutely crazy and will destroy this country with their supposed patriotism

    edit: the last part of the question-- I wouldn't deem to guess how fast we fall or how hard -- but there will be a power grab that comes out of it -- and depending on who emerges will be our destiny. All falls have a power grab -- we got very lucky in Roosevelt for he probably at times had the power to change the republic into a dictatorship --

    when he said he wanted the powers of war to fix our economy he got by far loudest cheers, according to FDR wife Elinore was actually saddened by how easily the people were willing to give up on democracy

    Edit: no the Tea party is not for the rich in intention -- certainly people wouldn't be so stupid but in outcome that is what it will be

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    The USA is not a democracy - it is a republican form of government. Representation of the People, by the People, for the People v. Mob rule - similar, but a very big difference. There is a belief by globalists we entrusted to represent us that the dissolving of the Union is a necessary step in forming a New World Government - Each of the 50 States (and Districts) would then be on equal footing in joining a New World Government with all other countries that join - as opposed to a Super Power controlling with 50 votes to 1 vote for all other member countries. Indeed, until a few years ago, Gov run media never acknowledged other nations as "states" and the meaning of sovereignty of states was somewhat lost. In preparation, they have begun calling other countries "States". The gutting of the wealth from America, for transfer into the New World Government by the Elitists, they buying up of the gold, the causing the collapse of the economic system of America - based in large part on the formula that led to the collapse of the USSR, all appears to support this theory.

    If this theory is correct, both parties are involved, and we, the people, are merely being dubed.

    California beginning a separate foreign policy than the Feds support this theory - otherwise the exclusive right to deal with foreign nations is Constitutionally vested in the Federal Government.

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    Any system , unabused , in its pure form should not fail. I think the way our government is set up is the best chance to for stall failure and keep any radical changes at bay. If in fact we were the 12th most powerful nation before WWII ( just after I was born ) then I say no problem to not being #1 .

    But we have to keep those Nuclear subs in tip-top shape just in case .

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    First of all I'm a junior in high school as well and in my apush class my teacher stated that the USA is communist. With our consistent lack of educated voters, the people keep voting for dictators like Hitler and mao. And now look at our country, it's a led by dictatorship. The electoral college is a lie. The Romans and Greeks did NOT envent democracy, publishers made that false statement. There's no such thing as democracy or a republic It is and always be a dictatorship.

    Source(s): My teacher
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    Congratulations on being a High School Junior. Too bad your AP teacher doesn't know and therefore hasn't taught you, that the US is a Representative Republic and not a Democracy.

    Neither the Romans or Greeks were true Democracies either, as they too, had elected representatives to their governments.

    A true Democracy has never lasted for any appreciable time, as there has never been any practical way to govern with direct rule from the citizenry, especially when it comes to voting on something. Too many people with the franchise, all wanting their own, individual perception of what should be, to become the law of the land.

    In my opinion, the US is the most successful experiment with the Representative form of government in history, and all current problems aside, we are in no real danger of catastrophic failure in the foreseeable future.

    Source(s): Shazam
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    Freedom is what brings the most prosperity. Especially when that freedom is combined with people making good, moral choices. But you can't force that kind of prosperity. Not ever. You can never force a dishonest man to suddenly become honest. If he can't be dishonest one way, he'll just find another way to be so.

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