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question about working out...?

i have recently started a plan to run a mile every other day on the treadmill. today i did that, 125 crunches on a crunch machine, 125 sit ups and a bike ride as a warm up and cool down. at this rate, how long will it take for me to lose belly fat and get abs? i've also been cutting down on soda and drinking more water and eating healthier

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    ugh I hate those people who try to sell stuff...

    Anyways, targeted fat reduction is impossible unfortunately. The only thing you can do is lose fat in general. Think about lifting weights, as lifting weights and doing cardio has been shown to lose the most calories.

    Aim for burning/cutting 500 calories a day, so you burn 3500 calories a week. That's what is needed to burn a pound of fat. You don't want to burn more than 2 pounds a week, because you will just gain it back. Slow and steady wins the race.

    Eat whole grains, fruit, vegetables. Stay away from processed foods, white carbs, and liquid sugar (soda). Diet too. Good luck!! This is very difficult, and will pay off!

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    If you don't switch it up and change the intensity of your workouts, you'll stop seeing results. But that routine should burn of some fat within weeks.

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