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POLL::::... Who is the worst pitcher ever to throw a no hitter?


Whos the worst pitcher to pitch a no hitter?

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    Bumpus Jones.

    No hitter in first career game in 1892. Only played one more year after that. Career record of 2-4 record and a 7.99 ERA

    Honorable mention:

    Jose Jimenez 24-44, 4.92 ERA. Last two seasons: 3-17, 6.07 ERA

    edit: Why does this answer get so many thumbs down. According to sabermetrician Bill James, Jones edges out Holloman for the distinction of mathematically least likely pitcher ever to have thrown a no-hitter in the major leagues.

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    Clearly Bud Smith.

    The guy only had 1 MLB season in total. He went 7-8 with a 4.95 ERA and only 81 strikeouts. Who throws a no-hitter his rookie season and then retires?

    PS-- I'm also a Cardinals fan

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    Bobo Holloman, 05-06-1953, St. Louis Browns 6 vs Philadelphia Athletics 0 (His first start)

    Only season in Majors. Record, 3-7; ERA, 5.23; BB, 50 (65.1 innings); SO, 25.

    First Game: 04-18-1953 (Age 30); Last Game: 07-19-1953


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    Jim Abbott

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    Eric Milton..

    I was SUPPOSED to be at that game (9/11/99).. but my family decided to go on the 12th.

    I also would have had front row seats right behind the Twins dugout at that game.

    Anywho, link to his career numbers.. They're not pretty.

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    Probably that guy who pitched one and lost it in 1990 for the Yankees.

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    Bud Smith. And I'm a Cardinals fan.

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    Clay Bucholzs Red Sox was good then horrible threw it in second game in the big leages

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    Carlos Zambrano or any Cubs pitcher.

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    Chris Bosio

    Win–Loss record 94–93

    Earned run average 3.96

    Strikeouts 1,059

    Or Kent Mercker

    Win-Loss 74-67

    Earned run average 4.16

    Strikeouts 917

    Thanks PLEASE best answer!

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