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Spiritually Speaking, what are your thoughts on Epic Beard Man?

In case you have no clue what I am talking about...

'Epic Beard Man' is a 67 year old war veteran who gained internet fame the other day when someone uploaded two YouTube videos of him getting into fisticuffs on a bus. First one is of the actual fight, second being afterwards when he gets off the bus.

Original videos:

Youtube thumbnail


Youtube thumbnail


So spiritually speaking, do you think EBM was in the right to beat the other guy until he called for the 'amber lamps'?

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    As far as I can see,a bully picked on the wrong guy and got his come uppance. I hope I have the ability to defend myself so effectively when I reach the age of 67.You know,where I live,when I was that kid's age,if someone threw a punch at anyone,he could expect to have a fight on his hands,if not from his opponent from an onlooker.

    I've been in a few fights(Always on buses or trains incidentally,but usually at night)in defence of less.....capable individuals,often from bullies,some of which I didn't emerge unscathed or even victorious,but no figure of authority was ever involved. People seem weak to me these days,I blame the ambulance chaser school of lawyering and the nanny state(to use overused cliches).

    Epic Beard Man would be hailed as a local hero in Ireland.

    It would be a feel good story in the local tabloids,the headline something like


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  • 4 years ago

    I will not confirm nor deny that certain syndromes and other acquired infections can be effectively eradicated by the powers of Epic Beard Man. But can confirm that if the AIDS presented itself It would be dealt with accordingly if it did not proceed to spit-shine Epic Beard Man's shoes.

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  • Topaz
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    If somebody hit me I wouldnt wait to see what else they were going to do.

    How could anybody hold anything against him?

    He moved away and stopped throwing punches when the little guy was down.

    Trash talk.

    Ok so if somebody offends your honour or whatever you dont demand pistols at dawn and expect to be the only one with bullets.

    I'm surprised this is being called a controversial anything.

    Him going crazy in the second video.

    Being an old war vet he's probably seen and done some messes up stuff.

    Also he had 'I'm a motherfcker'' on his tshirt!

    Evidently the tshirt was a warning.

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    I think that assaulting a huge, elderly man with a marine tattoo is about as intelligent as stabbing a bee hive with a stick. Clearly he is no saint, but it was self defense considering that he moved away from the area and the other guy pursued and then struck him.

    Anyways, his beard is epic.

    EDIT: I found an interview of him:

    Youtube thumbnail

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    If EBM hadnt said, "when i see tough guys like you i slap the **** outta them! " everything wouldve been ok.. still no reason for the black guy to hit him, much more hit an elderly person. Even though no one was the bigger man and just completely ignore the argument, black dude threw the first punch, Dude got taken out though hahah.. theyre both at fault though in my opinion ..

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  • he did all he could to avoid trouble even moved to the front of the bus, Hell I would have kicked the SOB not given him a chance to get up like EBM did

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  • chieko
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    ebm threw down on the guy who threw the first punch. he represented...

    he threw a punch for senior citizens everywhere.

    don't make it a black/white issue, please... it was young thug against grandpa and grandpa delivered a beat-down...

    too bad he forgot his stuff and those jerks stole it.

    but i'm confused...why did they arrest ebm and put him in a psych review and just took junior to the hospital?

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  • 'Epic Beard Man'?

    I hate the internet.

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  • Anonymous
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