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Would this be a good idea, or a bad one? (its long. And help from previous Pit Bull owners aprreciated)?

SO, I've been researching dogs for a while now. Mainly the large breeds and breeds I think I might like to have in the future. I have also been looking for a rescue puppy who needs a home. Now, in the household I live in, there are two parents, and to children, ages 12(girl) and 9(boy)(turning 10 in May). Age 12, we'll call her...Cat. (she reminds everyone of a cat!) Shes great with all animals and shes never shown the slightest bit of fear to a dog. We own a dog currently, and she'll get down on the floor and wrestle with her. Now our current dog, is an Irish Wheaten Terrier, so shes not too big. (shes about four or five) Now, back in December, She got a puppy for Christmas. It was a Vizsla. We were told he was 10 weeks, but when we went to pick him up, the people said they made a mistake and he was actually 10 months. Being 10 months, he was already quite large and had some bad habits that were tough to break (separation anxiety) before school started again for Cat and, we'll call him Mouse. Mouse was deathly afraid of our new dog, and wanted nothing to do with him. Hes more of a cat person, and it took a while to warm up to the dog we have now. However he loves animals as well, but has a fear of them. He loves to help them and would take a rescue dog even if he didn't like it, as long as he knows hes helping it. We ended having to give away this dog, but are looking for a puppy as stated earlier. (we still have the Wheaten, but not the Vizsla)

Heres the question.

I found a rescue puppy, or should I say puppies, on the internet. Everyone all know that these types of dogs are dangerous, but if trained correctly, can be a great family pet that gets along with everyone. I guess I should get to the point now though. The mom is an American Pit Bull Terrier. The puppies are a mix, but the border doesn't know who or what the dad is. So I'm saying would it be a good idea to adopt one of these puppies from unknown lineage? I know especially with this breed, even the mixes, should have an extra careful search. On the add it says the border is full and finds dogs weekly. It also says the mom will nedd a home after the puppies are weaned, and puppies need homes fast.

I'm a little worried because we have a number of other pets: two cats, one who is only inside at night, we let her run around the front yard, she comes back at around the same time everyday, and the other lays around upstairs all day. No other pet is allowed up there. We also have birds, one is a miracle bird, its 21 years old and dies and relives everyday its crazy. We have fish, but not sure if thats a big difference. Not knowing what kind of history these puppies come from worries me a little bit. Would it be a smart idea to adopt one and give it a good home? Will it get along with our other pets?

Also if you think we should would it be a dog that

-Doesn't need to be taken on long walks every day

-Gets along with other pets

-Doesn't need a lot of grooming

-Can be trusted alone outside with our other dog for a few hours a day

I know Pit Bulls haven't the best reputation but I wouldn't mind giving one a chance. Also, if you think that its not a good idea to adopt one of these after they're old enough, theres four shepherd boxer mixes that I would like to adopt as well. Wichever one would be best can you please tell your opinion and reason(s). I think the Pit Bulls need a home more, but I want to do whats best for everyone.

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    well its hard to say without knowing the breed of the dad. i was raised around several pit bulls, well my dad had them. my brother, sister and i ,went to my dads on weekends. from kinder garden till dad moved away like 10 th grade. and he had several usaully 4. they never bothered any of us kids,and treated us kids good.

    pit bulls pros -are very loyal, obedient, friendly, not high energy, dont bark much, low grooming, shed a little, just really great companions to the family.

    cons- they do have naturaly higher aggression levels towards outsiders only, people not in the family , though alot of it is determined by how they are raised ex; my dad wanted them to be good guard dogs , ex he might let them hunt down a ground hog, let em hang off, shake and chew tires etc)say " watch it ,watch it" if they saw an animal out the window. so therefore they really did not like strangers and if given the chance would attack them!

    but by brother has a couple that are pretty nice, both times i spent the night with him, and these dogs dont know me at all( im in ohio he in another state-) anyways they where non threatening toward me. someone else i know that has two pit bulls that do not know me- they looked leary of me but made no attempt to do me any harm, just shied away. my brothers dog fell asleep in my lap. alot of it is how they are raised. they are excellent dogs to the family but they are a one family dog. even the nice ones are slightly leary of strangers and even though my brothers dogs where nice if i came by alone they would not have been so nicel. they are natural one family guard dog type dogs.

    if they are raised around the animals in your house they should be totaly fine, my brother has several cats and the two pits and two kids , but they could be aggressive toward other animals, less likely if raised around a cat another dog etc, should be ok. but may have diifficulty when they are bigger if you bring home a new kitten etc they might possibly attack it then.

    i am speaking of pure pit bulls and dont really know anything about a mixed breed but i should think it would be a little less aggresive towards strangers than a pure blood is.

    the only two cons really are they dont generally care for strangers and may well be aggresive towards them, and if you leave em alone and they decide its been too long they will chew something up on occasion. but outside those two things they are , they are the best companions and super super sweet to the family and very obedient etc. but if having them get along with strangers is important to you -you may want a different dog.

    my dad has several fairly aggresive pit bulls currently which i do not know. and out of obedience to my dad, because my dad had me over and they saw that was ok with my dad that i was there they where not at all aggresive towards me, not even a growl towards me. a stranger ( me ohio, dad another state) but my dad told me if he wasnt there and them not knowing me if i just came by myself and entered his house as a stranger they would have definately attacked me. my dad is lonely lives by himself and they are great companions to him. all the years hes owned them like im 35 now but in all those years they have never bit anyone, but since he has several they have gotten into occasional dog fights amongst themselves.

    i think mix would actually be less dangerous to strangers. if you want a dog with naturaly low aggression this not the dog for you. if your a single mom and want the extra safety they offer etc and are going to be responsible, example be around when people are should be fine. it would probly actually be a good dog for you given the chance. and if anyone disagrees with me talk to ceaser the dog wisperer who has several pit bulls at his dog therapy place that are well behaved and help him train other dogs.

    hope this gives you a little more background info and hopefully will help you decide.

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    Because they don't care enough right now to be concerned and if there was yet another law enacted that couldn't be enforced, it would just be a waste. Most of the 'laws' right now are not be enforced, even the legitimate ones. People drive 20+ mph over the speed limits, they run others off the road, they run over people, they kill people, they molest children, they do whatever they want with little regard to what 'laws' are out there and law enforcement can't/won't enforce what we already have. The law abiding citizens will abid by laws already - will do what is right already even without someone enacting a law. There are dangerous pit bulls out there - they are being bred that way and being reared to be dangerous and there are a ton of idiots that own dogs, and a high percentage of those own pit bulls so you have dangerous dogs because you have stupid people and again, stupid isn't against the law and unfortunately it is prevelent and incurable and reproduces, frequently. Ya can't enact laws against it either... Who do you propose to be the person to make the decision that this pit bull breeder is breeding 'bad' pit bulls and that pit bull breeder isn't? They have breed wardens like that in some of the European countries and it does little or no good and actually, from the way it appears, has simply perpetuated 'bad' in all aspects. The old 'absolute power corrupts absolutely' thing :)

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    Pit Bulls are dogs of bulldog and terrier lineage.The potential for dog/animal aggression and high prey drive is there.It's a genetic predisposition...some do fine with all animals,some tolerate no animals,most fall somewhere in between.Early socialization and obedience training lessen reactivity and make handling easier but this does not eliminate the makeup of that particular dog.

    They are typically high energy and require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.The rule of thumb is to NEVER leave them unsupervised with other dogs.

    They should be great with people without question.

    I'm sure you'll get plenty of Pit Bull owners/defenders saying it's all how you raise them.That either don't know or deny their dogs potential.Sugarcoat many aspects of the breed,so on.There are people that genuinely believe this and set their dogs and the breed as a whole up for failure.

    If you don't have prior breed experience,if you want an easy going dog that can be left unsupervised with other animals,will get along with all pets,etc...this realistically is not the breed.

    These articles address compatibility and management of Pit Bulls in multi dog homes.

    Source(s): APBT owner
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    I would adopt the Pit. But that's me, I have a pittie now (and 4 children).

    Please don't adopted one if you're not sure that you can spend the time and energy it will take to train it...Remember Pitties need a strong pack leader and they have a high prey drive. Those will be things that you will have to really work on.

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    Dolly it's not the god damn dog, it's the owners! GOD PEOPLE ! STOP BLAMING PIT BULLS!

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    I would never own a pit with children in the house, it is not worth the risk

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