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The reason why Plushenko lost isnt the reason he thinks?

According to this article the poor sport russian is blaming the fact that Evan was more artisitic and better with his transitions was the reason why he lost. IT WASNT!! If fact both skaters had the same exact score for program componets, which is the score that measures artistic quality. So the judges actually gave the russian a higher score in that aspect than he really should of. It was the jumps and execution that won Evan the gold. yes, Evan didnt do the Quad but his overall jumping was actually more difficult because evan had more difficult jumps and the end of his program. Its risky to do a jump at the end of the program as opposed to the beginning of the program. If the russian wanted to win he should have had more jumps throught the program including towards the end of the program.

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    Most of the athletes are surprisingly gracious when they get a mic stuck in their faces. I was a little shocked at Plushenkos' comments afterward.

    How Lysacek Defeated Plushenko


    Evan Lysacek beat Yevgeny Plushenko basically by doing a modern program that took advantage of the new judging system.

    They had identical “artistic” scores of 82.8.

    So the difference came down to the executed elements scores (i.e. the “technical” score).

    Plushenko performed an old-school program, more typical of those designed before the new judging system was implemented in 2004. In such an old-school program, skaters load their jumps in the first half of the program.

    Under the new scoring system, jumps in the second half receive a 10 percent bonus.

    Plushenko did five jumping passes in the first half of his program and only three in the second half.

    Lysacek had three jumping passes in the first half and five in the second half.

    Lysceck picked up 37.77 points from his jumps in the second half, about 3.5 points of which were the 10 percent bonus.

    Plushenko earned only 18.63 points from jumps in the second half, of which about 1.7 was from the 10 percent bonus.

    The difference: 3.5 – 1.7 = 1.8 points. That is almost equal to the difference in their total long-program scores, 1.86 points.

    The reason they count jumps in the second half of the program higher is because that is when the skater is tired. Makes good sense.

    Plushenko should have known what rules were in place since 2004 and planned his program accordingly. That's what Lysacek did. And just my opinion, Lysacek skated head and shoulders above all the others. He was a joy to watch and his landings were pure poetry. He had it all, grace, style, technique, artistry, precision, energy, concentration and drive. He practiced the hardest, skated the best and deserved the gold!


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    I'll tell you all exactly why Plushenko lost to an American. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm from the US myself, but it pretty obvious that this has nothing to do with sports and almost everything to do with politics. People, the reason the US always wins the most medals is cause we're a superpower. The more powerful a country-and let's face it, there's none greater than America in shear force- the more respected they are abroad.

    Anyways, the point being is that the US and Russia are not exactly friends, and so when it came to choosing which one would take home the gold, of course everyone rooted for the stronger power, USA.

    From what I've heard and read, Plushenko is a very strong skater, and the fact that he wasn't afraid to do that jump proves that he knew he was up to it. Again, I'm not saying that either Plushenko or Evan should've won, I'll leave it up to the partial judges to decide. I'm just stating a well-known fact, that's all.

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    I think that under this scoring system, Plushenko did indeed lose, and that his complaining is a case of sour grapes. Lysacek won fair and square looking at the marks because he had more jumps later in his program, better spins and transitions, i.e. working the system to his advantage. (As to the program components tie, I have to say I agree with it. Although Lysacek had better choreography, his performance for the majority of his program was pretty mechanical since he was focusing on skating clean.)

    However, I do feel that there is a little bit of merit in what Plushenko says about the scoring system. The Olympics is all about raising the bar in athleticism, and although there is a lot more to figure skating than doing one jump (the quad), the judging system does seem to cause skaters to skate programs with fewer risks so they have a better chance of skating cleanly to get a medal. Instead of pushing the boundaries of the sport as Yagudin, Plushenko, Kulik, etc. did, skaters forgo risky elements. Without the ISU Judging system, I feel like Plushenko should have been rewarded more for landing the difficult jumps, even though he didn't land them as solidly as he usually does. He's been criticized for front-loading his programs, but I think it's because he knows his own limitations but still wants to give his best showing of the technical goods he's practiced and practiced and practiced. Artistry is artistry and having it is to be admired, but the technical side of skating is what can still be expanded upon.

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    "evan had more difficult jumps and the end of his program."

    No he did not. There is no jump that is more difficult than the Quad.

    Does it mean that Plushenko deserved the gold for doing this jump alone? Maybe.

    Does it mean that Evan did not deserve the gold because he did not perform the Quad? Definitely.

    The Quad is a prerequisite for men's gold medal. Otherwise, there is no difference between men's figure skating and women's figure skating.

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    Only people who know nothing about figure skating think Lysec deserves the gold.

    In the short program (which is included in the final score), Plushenko did quadruple, Lysec did triple triple. And yes, they got almost the same score.

    In the long program, Plushenko landed his quad again even though he was the last one to skate and the ice was extremely rough.

    If quad was so easy, why won't Lysec even try once in his programs?

    Plushenko got robbed twice.


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    I agree. Plushenko did his quad, which he wobbled on, too early and didn't have enough jumps in the 2nd half of the program. It's easier to do them early because you take pressure off the rest of your performance, why is why 2nd half jumps get a bonus. Plushenko keeps talking about his quad but didn't even land many of his triples as well as Lysacek did.

    I heard Dictator Putin is butting in. Too bad the censored Russian media will never let its citizens know about this. You know what the real travesty is? Why is a country that shows no sportsmanship getting the 2014 Olympics?

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    I agree with open4one, so Plushenko can jump, scoring doesn't just rely on jumping, it's not like he should be able to go out there, pull off the quad with the rest of his performance as crap and win Gold. Plushenko's theories are flawed.

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    How can you be Olympic champion when you don’t even try the quad? If you’re going to take the quad out, why not take out another triple axel and just have more of the other stuff so the International Skating Union can make it more into an “art” recital.

    Plushenko had a great performance. His footwork was great and maybe his spins weren’t quite as good as Lysacek’s, but it wasn’t that big of a difference. He also had a quad toe triple toe that wasn’t even attempted by anyone else. He did both triple axels, so all the jumps were there.

    But the judges’ scoring was ridiculous.

    And it’s not a personal thing. I like Evan. But when you compare performances and have an outcome like this, the sport is going backward. And it hurts me to say it because I love this sport. But the judges made a mockery of it by giving Lysacek the gold.

    I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade because it’s not the skaters’ fault. It’s the system. And the figure skating community wants to control who wins and who loses. And what it does is it makes the component score more valid than the jumps so it can control whatever it wants. And that’s exactly what happened Thursday night at Pacific Coliseum.

    By Elvis Stojko, Yahoo! Sports

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    Plushenko lost, Evan won, fair and square, I doubt those on yahoo answers know more that Olympic judges.

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