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What legislation allows state universities to discriminate against out of state students?

concerning the higher tuition rate... Don't we all pay federal taxes?

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    In-state residents may have to pay higher real estate or income taxes to help support their state universities, so they get a break on tuition rates for their state universities. Out-of-state students haven't helped support those universities with their tax dollars, so they have to pay a higher tuition rate. It does mean, though, that some students have access to good state schools like UCLA, UMichigan and UVA, while others end up with U.Rhode Island and Arkansas State.

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    yes, but the keyword is: State.

    State universities give tuition discounts to in state students because they already put money into the schools. They wouldnt like it if they have to put more money on top of what they already contribute through the state taxes. Out of students get charged a bit more because they dont contribute tax dollars, yet they are still using the schools' resources.

    I am not aware of any state legislation that doesnt allow this for their state universities.

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    Ah, but it's not your federal taxes that fund public colleges. It's STATE taxes that fund public colleges. The residents of a state have paid taxes to support that state school, and as part of that funding deal, the college grants a lower tuition rate to in-state students.

    As an out-of-state student, because you/your parents didn't pay taxes to support this school, you must pay something closer to the full cost of your education there.

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    It's actually a lower rate for in-state students

    At least that's what they would argue if anyone actaully took it as far as court system

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